#OMHG October 27-Making Your Brand Sing with Tracey Selingo

4-Steps-To-Better-Writing, Tracey Selingo, #omhg twitter chat

If you struggle with writing for your own brand know that you are not alone! Over 50 people joined in our #omhg chat with Tracey Selingo yesterday inspired by her post How to Make Your Brand Sing and the discussion was packed with ideas and ways to tell (& sell!) your story. Tracey also made us the fabulously useful writing package pictured above to help you flush those writing worries away-download it right here. Then get inspired by reading the transcript of our chat. If you end up making use of all this great info and rewrite your about page or other content be sure to let us know by commenting here or sharing on Twitter with the hashtag #omhg.

#OMHG Highlights

what’s the promise of your #brand experience? #omhg @traceyselingo

when I think of my favorite brands, the ones I’m loyal to, there’s a “feeling” they offer- start to finish #omhg @allisajacobs

I want my brand to leave a trusting, comforting feeling…that customers know anything they buy from me is good for their family! #omhg @MeaganVisser

Obviously I love to hear good things, but would love for customers to be more honest about ways I could improve. #omhg @DearEdnaShop

I know I love reading stories and the more I feel like I “know” a person – the more willing I am to open my wallet #omhg @Rebecca_Jones9

One thought- have some close friends who could sing your praises write for you as a start or the end product #omhg @LoveMeBoutique

Art reminds us that we are unique as humans. It also bonds us with the rest of humanity. Make u smile 2! #omhg @Faberuna

Don’t forget that a bio is always a work in progress, since we are always changing–both as artists and people. #omhg @sparrowscript

You’ve gotta get out of your own way to sell your soul. Bare all. #omhg @traceyselingo

Read a preview of the chat above or the whole transcript here.

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