#OMHG September 1 – Getting Back to Business

getting back to business, omhg, #omhg, twitter chatHappy, happy September!  Summer is over and I’m looking forward to getting my life and business organized again. Today’s chat topic was “Getting Back to Business”, and the wonderful chat participants shared tips, tricks and tools that help them get focused and accomplish projects.

#OMHG Highlights:

“Start with making a list and have a great playlist going that will motivate you.” heycaryl

“I find September an energizing month. I always love jumping back into work after a long hot summer. Back to school thing, I guess.”BessCallard

“Tackle the time-sensitive first. Use the fun stuff as a carrot! Ease on in and be gentle, firm and realistic with yourself.” Omiyage_ca

“I always complete 1 small easy task first, so I feel accomplished and then tackle the “big rock” next and get it out of the way.” perideaudesigns

“going to try a timer method this fall. I’m very easily distracted at home, I’m going to see if separating time in 1/2hr slots helps” smidgeboxdesign

“I am a big lover of lists, post its & large bulletin boards-I am highly visual & need to write on paper, agendas are my best friends” ohmyhandmade

“I also often zip old project folders and archive the zipped file rather than deleting, esp. for client work” aQuickStudy

“I have a set guide to how I work on each client’s project…a workflow I guess you would call it” MOXIEpear

“I block out specific days for X project/business when there is work or catch up I need to do based on importance/urgency” traceysebastian

“I’m getting into the working on one thing at a time and putting other to-dos out of my mind. simple but it helps.” whatsnboxdesign


Such wonderful information jam-packed into one hour!  If you missed it, no worries, you can read the preview above & the whole transcript here:

getting back to business, omhg, #omhg, twitter chatWhat is #omhg? We are a community of talented, creative and caring people who visit every Thursday on Twitter with the hashtag #omhg to chat about our monthly theme on Oh My! Handmade + life, business & everything in between. Empowering, honest, supportive & full of ideas, our chats leave us all feeling ready to take on the world-come join us and make some new friends!


  1. I think these are all great ideas and advise: with a few months of lazy summer behind me I am seriously eager to get back into the swing of busy this coming season. Best of all my eldest goes back to school next week and I am looking to put youngest into daycare at least one day a week – so I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel… 🙂 I am ready to sink my teeth in!

    • Jessika says:

      I am so with you Beka! My daughter goes back to school Tuesday & my youngest will be spending a couple mornings a week with a good friend & her little boy. I am totally looking forward to being able to focus my brain on one thing without always having the mama mind running full tilt: ) Cheers to September and sinking our teeth in!!!! (oh, and belatedly replying to emails-sorry!)

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