#OMHG SEPTEMBER 29 – Website ideas & basics for entrepreneurs with Zoe Rooney

Today’s chat was an informative one especially if you are looking to create a website for your business.  Zoe (@ aquickstudy) shared her expertise on the different content management platforms (WordPress/Blogger) and also gave ideas on how to freshen up existing websites/blogs.  If you are looking to start your own website/blog, definitely read the transcript for ideas and more!

#OMHG Highlights:

“Those of you on blogger could use your pages for some of your business content, or build your content offline so you’re ready”  aquickstudy

“With SEO it’s all about relevancy, just make sure your keywords, descriptions match up with your products and content”  moxiepear

“I find WordPress is much easier to customise than Blogger. It gives me more freedom, I think.”  @suzibuchan

“I think that the way we look at WP vs Blogger is different than the way a customer looks. They look at content vs address.”  omiyage_ca

“The price of working with a designer and a writer is less than the price of not working with one.” @traceyselingo

” @MOXIEpear @FaberunaFree templates are a great starting point! When you’re ready to move on up, then paying a designer is worthwhile.”  aeolidia

“@ohmyhandmade Its all strategy first, then aesthetics #omhg (at least in my opinion)” aquickstudy

“@DearEdnaShop Blog + websites, the more content you have out there the better off you are :)”  moxiepear

“Info on what Google likes when you’re coding your web images: http://t.co/zdXHcz1I”  aeolidia

“@Omiyage_ca If you have products that tie in with a current trend be sure to use those keywords in your product description” @isa_noisette


You can read the preview above & the whole transcript here:
website basics for small business


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