#OMHG SEPTEMBER 8 – Turn Over a New Leaf for Fall

#omhg, turning over a new leaf for fall

Yesterday’s chat topic was “Turn Over a New Leaf for Fall”.  Aside from wanting a few more hours added to our 24 hour day, the chat participants shared the many ways that they are regrouping and getting focused on their business/creative endeavors.

#OMHG Highlights:

“I’ve been brainstorming a completely new direction for my business, making my niche more specific and focused!” suzibuchan

“I’ve been getting back to my early morning work routine, which has been amazing for me!” aquickstudy

“my new leaf is to really focus on marketing this month. creating is the fun part, it’s time to get down to business!” wickedpaper

“…Buckling down and figuring out what’s working, getting rid of the unnecessary ‘noise'” saltcityspice

“I’m also working really hard this fall to make promises with myself that I keep.” elizatobin

“another leaf I’m turning: making “me” time every day, even if its just for a few minutes!” etsify

“I’ve had a few projects I’ve been wanting to get off the ground and recently I took the first steps to actually do them! yay.” GaiaCC

“I’ve also been purging/cleaning my whole house top to bottom-it is SO CLEAN. It feels incredible & I feel ready to tackle my dreams” ohmyhandmade

“trying to set new habits to get thru the winter,instead of lame-o tv after dinner, get in studio to cut fabric.” ChicagoFnThreds

“I get really reflective in the fall, so I try to make sure to schedule time to take that into account.”


If you missed it, no worries, you can read the preview above & the whole transcript here:

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