Twitter 10: Come Have Tea With Me

twitter ten, twitter party, twitter tea partyby Jessika Hepburn, Editor

Hello friends! Today is the day for our super fun, everyone welcome, Twitter Tea Party (#tparty) with myself and co-host Lisa of Moxie Pear. We are meeting on Twitter @ohmyhandmade from 12-2pm EST, we’ll be chatting about small business, blogging, social networking & all manner of handmade goodness. If you are new to Twitter just let me know & I will be happy to answer your questions. For today’s Twitter 10 post I wanted to share a few of the Twitter folk I would really love to have tea with, in person, or maybe wine and a late night chat-fest, or both! Working at home with a small child could be lonely, these ladies plus many, many more keep me from ever feeling like I work by myself. A community of friendly, brilliant, talented women (and men too of course!) is right there waiting. Twitter is there when you just need a little encouragement or a cheerful hello, to share something exciting or talk parenting or read 140 characters that will make you laugh, cry or jump up and down with excitement. I chose this 10 because they make me smile and I want to get to know them better, of course YOU are included too. Thank you all for being so wonderful~I wish I could give you all a batch of your favorite cupcakes!

{left to right}

1. Check out Lesley’s beautiful handmade fabric goodies on Etsy & read her blog too (it’s full of great finds & design), then go follow her @smidgeboxdesign-you’ll be glad you did. I sure am!

2. I think Amy Turn Sharp of Little Alouette (note the great site designed by our party co-host Moxie Pear) is just fabulous, her writing is powerful & often REALLY funny, her handmade toys are lovely & she’s a sweetheart too! Follow her @littlealouette & @amyturnsharp

3. Molly of Charlotte’s Fancy @mollydeA has an amazing eye for finding incredible things like this embroidery art by Pata Pri + we’ve had some fun Twitter chats & she’s “introduced” me to new Twitter connections. Thanks Molly!

4. “Awesome sauced”, really just about covers it. The cutest little ceramic lovelies + all around greatness sums up @littlereddoor

5. I was introduced to Joy of TheArtofJoy and Creative Mamma by one of our contributors Grace Hester. Then Joy & I planned a feature & it has grown from there. Joy is as sweet as her designs, it’s true! Follow her @joycharde

6. Tricia of Every Nothing Wonderful has a thought-provoking & visually engaging blog-I am loving her 52 pick-up every Wednesday. Follow her tweets @everynothing

7. Julie of Elliven makes beautiful clutches & fabric prettiness. She has been a super supporter of OMHG too, thanks! Follow her @ellivenstudio

8. Jen of VintageAmour recently introduced herself to me after Mayi’s post on mola’s, she even busted out her phone to send me some photos of her own collection, so great!  She also makes really adorable knit creations for kidlets & you can follow her @lilowlknitts

9. Kristal from The Rik Rak Studio is a handmaking creative superstar to me, full of cheerfulness & love for handmade. If you aren’t following @rikrakstudio you really should!

10. You-come have tea with me! If you can’t make it this month let me know in the comments whether you want to have another tea party next month & we’ll make it happen. Also, who would YOU want to have tea with on Twitter?


  1. rikra says:

    oh you’re a sweetiepie, nicey!
    i hope one day we’ll be able to have a real live teaparty, too!

    til then, thanks for being so fabulous.
    & for having me here today = superthanks
    k. @ rikrak

  2. jessika, i am so thrilled we ‘met’ as well, i think we’d have such an awesome time at tea {or wine!} together 🙂
    can’t wait for the tea party, though i’m afraid i’ll be a tad late, but i’ll be there as soon as i can!

  3. Julie says:

    thank you so much for the inclusion in this fabulous list! so thrilled! and I agree, it would be so fantastic if we could all get together one day, oh the fun! I love how twitter brings you together with some many wonderful people.
    hoping to take part in the party today between school drop off and pick up!

  4. Jessika says:

    Thank you sweet ladies for coming to have tea with me and filling the world with your loveliness! I had such a great time at our tea party & we will definitely have to do it again!
    Our handmade community is so fantastic and so are you : )
    Alllisa-would love to see you next time!

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