Ultimate Entrepreneur Giveaway: Win A New Biz for The New Year

entrepreneur giveaway

Are you ready for the giveaway that could change everything?

Last year after our Handmade Holidays giveaway brought together an amazing group of handmade businesses and led to some beautiful outcomes I started percolating. I decided to turn the tables this year and offer a giveaway to the very creatives who have supported OMHG all year: YOU!

entrepreneur giveaway. new biz for the new year

We know building a business is hard work and most entrepreneurs have to piece their businesses together as they go along. One year the logo, the next the business coaching, then some advertising…bit by bit we work to make our dreams reality, learning along the way. There is much to be said for slogging along doing things the hard way but I know many of us have times when we wish for a little break or at least some elves to give us a hand.  We can’t conjure miracles or house elves but for 3 hard working entrepreneurs we have extra hands and skills to help you along your journey.

If you are already in love with your brand and wouldn’t change a thing be sure to share this giveaway with your network and help us spread the word to entrepreneurs far and wide!

Now for the prizes:

entrepreneur giveaway. new biz for the new year, aeolidia giveawayFor our grand prize winner Aeolida has offered the most generous prize EVER: a complete branding package valued at $2000! Your business will be renewed by the oh so talented fairy godmothers of the Aeolidia team-they have volunteered their time to sprinkle their magic star dust on your dreams. From a new custom designed logo to the pictures and words that will make your business sparkle, right down to how to spread the word, this package will give you wings!

Aeolidia Branding Package

Oh My! Handmade Advertising & Mentorship Package

I couldn’t miss out on all the giveaway fun! I am offering a year of advertising in the OMHG sidebar so you can show off your gorgeous new logo to our 100, 000+ monthly visitors and an editorial feature to share your rebranding and your story. I am also going to be investing a year of my time and love into the winning business. We’ll start with a Skype call so we can get to know each other face to face and talk about what you want 2012 to hold and how you want to spread your wings. For the next year I will be following along in your adventure with monthly emails and encouragement. If you are stuck and need an answer or are struggling with a decision, if you need proofs gone over or a second set of eyes, I’m your girl! Each month you can email me your questions and concerns and I will get back to you with my perspective and support, like a business BFF and accountability partner all in one!

entrepreneur giveaway. new biz for the new year

Ahoy Graphics Logo + 5 Branding Package

Logo + 5 branding suite package, created by skilled designer Kristen Hodges, of Ahoy Graphics. Includes a custom designed logo + choice of 5 items from the Ahoy Graphics ala carte design menu. Great for those looking to start a new biz or rebranding a current one.

Terms: Subject to Kristen’s availability for the start date and valid for 6 months.

Moxie Pear Product Photography Package

Professional, fully edited photographs of 10 products (2 pictures of each=20 pictures total) taken by the talented Lisa of Moxie Pear.

Ink Engage Copywriting Package

Copywriting package by wordsmith Tracey Selingo of Ink Engage and Twisted Pinky. Can include brand/product name and/or positioning or 5 product descriptions or copywriting for 3 web pages. Package valued between $750-$950 depending on services chosen.

Study Hall Business Coaching Session

Business coaching session with the lovely and knowledgeable Allisa Jacobs. Session includes:

  • Initial email conversations getting to know your brand
  • Individualized report outlining impressions and recommendations for branding, copy, cohesiveness, search relevancy, pricing and product development
  • List of specific personalized homework assignments you can apply right away
  • Follow up 45 minute phone conversation to discuss report, assignments, your concerns, and other thoughts to get your shop going
  • Copy of Allisa’s ebook, Rise and Shine, for on-going guidance and inspiration

Oh My! Handmade Advertising Package

3 months of sidebar advertising with Oh My! Handmade to show off your beautiful new Ahoy Graphics branding + ad design if needed.

Give It Away Now eBook

Give It Away Now: The Marketing Tactic that Creates Faithful Customers, a 42 page digital guide to marketing your business through giving by Erin Giles.

 This guide is for you if: 

  • You’re looking to create a buzz for your business online and either don’t have a marketing budget, or your self motivated + smartie pie self loves promoting your biz yourself.
  • You so badly want to start pitching your articles to high traffic blogs to gain exposure and create a buzz about your business, but you are scared even thinking about it.
  • Creating a digital freebie sounds hard but you are ready + ramped up to create one for your customers.

entrepreneur giveaway. new biz for the new year

Aeolidia Custom Logo Design

Custom logo designed by either Sara Jensen or Tracy Bishop  of Aeolidia

Oh My! Handmade Advertising Package

3 months of sidebar advertising with Oh My! Handmade to show off your beautiful new logo design + ad design if needed.

5 Steps to Etsy Shop SEO 

An online program from Meagan Visser the 5 Steps to Etsy Shop SEO & Relevancy is a quick & simple program that will help your shop & your products get found on & off of Etsy. You’ll learn why it’s important to optimize your shop for SEO & relevancy, which areas of your shop need to be optimized & which don’t, how to find strong keywords & how to do it all yourself! This program is full of easy, understandable instructions that will take you from zero to optimized in 5 simple steps. It comes in an easy-to-navigate pdf e-book that will take you through each step one-at-a-time. You’ll also receive access to the 5 Steps Workbook as well which comes with accompanying worksheets that correspond with each step of the program. These are invaluable to helping you work through the process. By the time you’re finished, you’ll have a thorough understanding of SEO & Relevancy & you’ll be confident that your shop is ready to rank!

Write With Moxie Thank You Package

Also from Lisa of Moxie Pear the Write With Moxie Thank You Pack includes a sweet pencil set (5 pc) of Lisa’s gorgeous eco-friendly paper pencils and a Handmade stamp. Perfect for sending little thank you notes to all your new customers!

Cultivate Your Creativity Workbook

With all of this change and excitement you might find yourself needing time to reflect and get creative. This illustrated workbook is sure to get your creativity flowing.

Give It Away Now eBook

Give It Away Now: The Marketing Tactic that Creates Faithful Customers, a 42 page digital guide to marketing your business through giving by Erin Giles.

entrepreneur giveaway

We already believe in you-all you need to do is show us you believe in yourself!  So bust out the glitter, disco balls and noise-makers and throw yourself a word party. Don’t tell us why you can’t achieve your dreams or what is holding you back, we want to know how you are already walking confidently in the direction you need to go and how this giveaway will just give you more momentum. Convince us you’re going to make your vision reality regardless of whether you win or not-that is the spirit we are looking for.


In order to be eligible for this giveaway you need to have an established business that has been operational for at least 6 months and can demonstrate steady improvement and growth. We will be doing our research, checking out your social media pages and seeing how you promote your biz-so make sure you include links to your website or shop, Twitter and Facebook. If you have none at all-this is not the giveaway for you, yet! Winners will be carefully evaluated and chosen based not only on the giveaway entry but their business as a whole + their determination to attain their dreams. This giveaway is open to anyone anywhere who meets this criteria.

There are three ways to enter this giveaway:

1. A 600-800 word essay on who you are/what you do and how you are working towards your dreams. We want to know how you have built your business to where it is now and your plans for the future. Be sure to address how winning this giveaway will help you make 2012 your year to shine. You can include links to 1-4 pictures with your submission to help showcase your work. Include links to your website or Etsy shop, Twitter and Facebook pages.

2. A 5 minute video essay on who you are/what you do, how you are working towards your dreams and how this giveaway will help give you wings. Get creative! Show us your workspace or family, work in progress, make an animated or stop motion video. Above all have fun! Be sure to address how winning this giveaway will help make 2012 your year to shine. Include links to your website or Etsy shop, Twitter and Facebook pages.

3. Be artistic. If your work is highly visual or you are more comfortable expressing yourself artistically you can enter this giveaway by writing a song, sharing a series of paintings, handwriting your entry, telling your story in pictures. Experiment! As long as you make sure your entry fully represents who you are/what you do, how you are building your business and how our giveaway will change everything for you. Include links to your website or Etsy shop, Twitter and Facebook pages.

To submit your entry:

Leave your entry as a comment or include a link to your essay or video (on your blog, public dropbox etc). Your entry can be as beautiful and complex as you want to make it!

Brownie Points: 

Show your commitment to winning by tweeting your entry daily using the hashtag #omhg

Share this giveaway with your network on Facebook & tag Oh My! Handmade

Demonstrate your community building skills by connecting with other entrants and chatting about the giveaway and your entry on Twitter with the hashtag #omhg or here in the comments

Show behind the scenes peeks of your submission in progress by uploading photos to our #omhg flickr group

Help us spread the word-tweet this! 

I’m ready to change everything + win a new biz for the new year with @ohmyhandmade & friends http://j.mp/w2EFs4 #omhg

Submit your story for a chance to win a new biz for the new year from @ohmyhandmade @aeolidia & more! http://j.mp/w2EFs4 #omhg

TY to @aeolidia @ahoygraphics @traceyselingo @MoxieLisa @allisajacobs @erinmgiles @MeaganVisser & @ohmyhandmade for a chance to win #omhg

Since this giveaway is judged based on the quality of your submission not on how many times you enter please feel free to encourage others in the comments and support each other!

This giveaway closes midnight December 28th 2011 with the winners announced midnight January 1st 2012 on Oh My! Handmade.

*Giveaway deadline has been extended until midnight January 1st, winners will be announced Monday January 2nd at the end of the day after all entries have been reviewed.  

The winners MUST contact editor Jessika Hepburn by email on or before January 3rd to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen. 

By entering this giveaway you are agreeing to the Oh My! Handmade giveaway policies.

All prizes are subject to terms and conditions set by the individual prize givers.

entrepreneur giveaway

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