Businessy Goodness Launches Tomorrow!

guide to businessy goodness, jessika hepburn

It’s true! The Guide to Businessy Goodness launches bright and early tomorrow morning, on an intergalactic mission to make growing your business less stressful, more productive, and way more fun! I am so excited about our launch and am feeling rather animated about it all (and, as always, so very punny). The Guide represents nearly 200 hours of my time, a few tears, and collaboration with some of my favourite folks in all the galaxy(ies). I’ve checked, triple checked, and calibrated all systems for success…or catastrophic failure. Any grand exploration involves risk and a healthy dose of panic. Standby for updates!

Prepare for lift-off by visiting our the online Businessy Goodness Guide and checking out the preview of the Guide to Businessy Goodness, a little 6 page teaser of the 68-page adventure waiting for us Monday morning.

I’m wearing my purple shoes and am ready to catapult myself and our Guide into the stratosphere first thing tomorrow morning.

Are you with me?

Stay calm. Please don’t panic. The #OMHG Guide to #BusinessyGoodness launches tomorrow at 8am EST! <<tweet it>>



    • Jessika says:

      Oh I can’t wait until tomorrow-feels like Christmas Eve, I want to go to bed just so I can wake up & have it be time!

      @Jojoebi I have all sorts of tattoos:) The one on my chest is lovingly named “16 and stupid”, because I was 16…and stupid;)
      The ones on my wrists I love, they are designs based on illustrations my mother drew when I was a girl. They represent the maiden & the mother. The maiden is the selfish ego, existing to please herself & the mother is the selfless ego, existing to please others. I got them when I was 19 as a reminder to balance the two:)

  1. Kirsten says:

    I can’t wait to read all about your new launch. Hopefully there is a TON of great stuff in there. 😉 I’m at that “stall” in my new business and I’m ready to shift gears a bit. If only I had someone to hold my hand, walk me through it and tell me what to do! Whew…I’ll be soaking this stuff up. Thank you!

  2. rikrak says:

    you’re the best, cutie!
    LOVE seeing you up there, cutie!

    thanks for all you do for our handmade world, jessika! you’re our shining star, nicey!

    how lucky the world will be as the guide launches tomorrow! yay! (& happy sleep!)

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