8 Ways to Boost Your Sales Starting Now!

Whether you’re considering leaving a full time job, crafting as a hobby and cashing in a little dough, or are supporting your family with a creative business- it started with an idea. Then you asked yourself, “how do I evolve this?” Sometimes it is through trial and error – maybe you launched a new product but it hasn’t been flying off the shelves like you’d hoped. Often times the biggest challenge is sticking with it until you get the right incarnation.

What happens when you’re evolving & the products don’t sell? I’ve been there, and it’s not fun. Here are a tips we can all use to boost sales this holiday season:

1. Utilize your mailing list.

Create a marketing campaign for your customer base, using MailChimp or ConstantContact.

2. Target potential customers.

Tap into your resources & ask questions. Creating a survey using Survey Monkey can help you select targeted mailing lists or the advertising media that best reaches your most profitable audience.

3. Ask customers what they want.

You can do this by engaging with your fans and followers on social media outlets like Facebook , Twitter, or Google+ 

4. Find out what your competitors are up to.

Not so you can copy their strategy, but instead so that you can accurately convey why your product is unique. Keep in mind ways that you can offer a different shopping experience to your customers- if you’re selling something in a saturated market consider providing creative packaging or personalization.

5. Rewrite your copy

Take a look at all of listings as if you were a customer. Is it compelling? Does it persuade the customer to support your business? Use some of these direct-marketing techniques to improve response:

  • Create a powerful headline or title.  It doesnt have to be funny, cute or clever. It does have to compel readers to read more and take action.
  • Accurate Listings.  How does the product benefit them? People want to know whats in it for me. Make sure you tell them. Include a link to reviews or testimonials to boost your street creds.
  • Include a call to action. Tell them exactly what you want them to do: order now; reserve your spot today; call for more information. People need to be nudged in the right direction. The right call to action can dramatically improve the results of your listings.
  • Include a good offer. Give them a reason to act now. Offer a percentage off, limited-time sale, free gift or a downloadable freebie. Be sure the offer has an expiration date so the customer doesn’t procrastinate!

6. Network, network, network.

Venture outside your comfort zone, take your presence offline- Follow up with the people you meet.

7. Advertise.

Know your target market & advertise on blogs, sites, and magazines that they will read.

8. Track Everything.

If you’re not asking your customers how they heard about you, start. Keep track of exactly when and where your ads ran and which ads they were, then analyze the results. You can discover which social media outlets, which target audience, which days, which offers and which messages generate the best results.

At the end of day, for many makers it’s not about the quantity of transactions but the quality. Once you land the sales be sure to make it a one of a kind experience.

Let’s take this to the comments, I want to know what actions you’re taking to boost your holidays sales? Are you running special ads, offering discounts, or free shipping? Do you have a tip to share? Post em below.

If you have a case of slumpy-sales too why not submit your business for a community critique <–psst, today is the last day to submit for this month’s round! 



  1. MerCurios says:

    All such great advice. I’ve never been good at keeping a mailing list or emailing those whose emails I do have to let them what I’ve been up to.

    Networking I’ve down to a science & thoroughly enjoy that part of my day. I’ve met such awesome people via Twitter & some have become close friends as well as clients.

    Advertising is something I could & should definitely be doing. I’ll need to do some research in that area.

    I do track everything. Can’t help it – I have an overly analytical mind. I blame it on the Virgo rising.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful advice.


  2. ManoyMetal says:

    Jenelle! Your are the best! I have been meaning to start a mailing list… I wish there was a way to snag all the emails from the etsy transactions smoothly into a mailing list…. i haven’t discovered that yet… so the thought of one by one adding emails… LOL, but I must create a mailing list! I also think its a great way to maintain contact with your customers long after the sale… i need to quit playing and tackle the mailing list project!

    and I am not afraid to phase out items… I mean if they aren’t selling, I might keep them up for about 6months but then they are out or just for craft shows!… and also, I phase out items that I don’t enjoy creating… if I don’t have joy creating them, then they have no business being for sale in my shop…. its constant trail and error I tell ya! 🙂

    Jenelle, I love your blog post and can’t wait to read more from you!
    Also, I deeply appreciate your using one of my pics & linking back to the listing, you continue to be amazing in all that you do!


  3. Mailing lists… yes. This is most often under utilized marketing- people who sign up for your mailing list or your past customers WANT to hear what you are up to & will likely be interested in any sales or promotions you are running. You have a captivated audience to deliver your news without distractions.

    I say this, as I too neglect my email list. :boots self in the pants:

    Des: I don’t know of an app that will transfer all the emails either… that would be so dreamy! Why not start with a sign up widget on your blog, as an opt in- This way its not so overwhelming and build your list from there. Once you get that set up you’ll be able to blast the sign up link out via social media as well.

    I think you brought up a very important point about phasing items out- especially this, ” if I don’t have joy creating them, then they have no business being for sale in my shop…”

    I’m delighted to hear you love my blog (as I love yours) and happy to have you join me here at #OMHG.

    All the best to you MJ & Des!

  4. Amazon.com is having a holiday sale on, a children’s picture book “Al the Green Rain Train” under 6.00 dollars, how long will this last, I wish I could tell you !! Alfred Guajardo (author ) have a good one !!

  5. Tasha says:

    This is a great list of tips to help. I have heard countless times about how sending out newsletters or marketing by email has increased sales. In the last 3 I have sent out none have been shared with other people. Maybe I need a call of action to go along with it.

    Tried survey monkey and got no responses. Even offered a coupon code for returned surveys.

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