Calling All Cheerleaders of Handmade!

handmade olympics, the rik rak studio

Bust out the pom-poms, enthusiasm, and party hats friends, the 2012 Handmade Olympics are here! Organized by the creative superstar Kristal of Rik Rak Studio and judged by an amazing list of “celebrity” judges like Etsy, Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom, Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul and, ahem (insert furious blushing here), moi. See the whole list of judges here. Nominate yourself, your handmaking heroes/heroines, heck nominate your mama! But hurry because nominations close TOMORROW, April 5th.

The Handmade Olympics are an awesome way to get your handmade work seen by the creative community and support your favourite handmakers + friendly crafty/bloggy folk. A perfect circle of handmade goodness. The whole process goes like this:

handmade olympics, the rik rak studio

I’m calling on all of you to shine a light on your handmade friends and your own creative adventures! There are 7 Handmade Olympics events covering a whole lot of crafty territory-check them out:

I get the honour of judging Event 5-my favourite creative sport of all, kindness!

Why should you join in the fun? 

Back when I first took over Oh My! Handmade we were nominated for the Handmade Olympics and didn’t win. Before you think ‘too bad’, not winning was a wonderful prize. I got to publish a guest post about the event from Kristal, and I nominated + got to see my friend, Mayi Carles win twice (with me cheering her on the whole way). Plus I made so many new kindred spirit friends like Kristal. As an unexpected extra prize I was invited to be a judge this year and met a community of supporters. All this to say you never know what entering and nominating might bring to your life and business. I know it continues to bring so much loveliness to mine!

Two! Four! Six! Eight!  What do we appreciate? HANDMADE! Click here and nominate! *

*I just couldn’t resist, but strong armed myself into not working; wait, late, or hesitate, into the rhyme;) Truly though, don’t wait because nominations close tomorrow!


  1. rikrak says:

    you’re so wonderful, jessika. thanks for your cheers & we’re so thrilled to have amazing you as a judge this year!

    i especially adore your beautiful, heartfelt reasons for *why should i join the fun?* – you’re a kindred spirit indeed, nicey!

  2. Geri says:

    Good luck to everyone in this wonderful community!

    Thanks, Kristal and Jessika for pitching in to not only help spread the word for all of these wonderful folks, but to always help promote spreading the love… it’s a good thing.

    P.S. I’m sponsoring Event 6 (Fun-Filled or Vintage) *shameless plug* 😉

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