DIY Branding, Oh My!

Oh My! DIY, Oh My! DIY Branding, Handmade Branding

Hello October! September flew by in a month of lessons learned and getting down to business, now it is already time for a brand new theme. This month we are diving into DIY branding on the request of our #OMHG crew- they asked to know more about how to create your own brand from the logo, to the website, to the packaging. Since your wish is my command for October expect to see tutorials, examples of inspiring DIY brands, step-by-steps, branding guides, sources for supplies, expert advice + printables and more! December is on it’s way, now is the time to make sure your brand is ready to rock the holiday rush, and we have you covered. October’s theme is packed with ways to beautify your brand using everything from pixels to paint brushes. Ready?

Share your branding brilliance in the comments! Big questions? Bring them on! I’ll find the answers and share them this month.  Know a brand that deserves a shout out for their DIY branding?  Want to toot your own DIY biz horn? Let us know! Or share links to your favourite DIY branding tutorials or resources and we’ll round them up for all our OMHG’ers to see. Cheers to a great Monday and a creative October! 


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