Gift Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs

November is a busy time for small business owners so I’ve pulled together a collection of gifts I thought would be great to give or receive. Whether it’s practical or just plain pretty it’s always fun to update your workspace. Inspired by Omiyage’s colour palette in the image below I set out to find simple and practical gifts that are so lovely you might just not want to give them away!

Pretty paper supplies from Omiyage that you can use to add dazzle to your packaging whether personal or business.

Inspiring art from Eva Juliet

Don’t forget to take a break! Espresso cups from Art et Manufacture

Fun stamps from Blinks of Life

Utilitarian doesn’t have to be boring. Scissors from Schoolhouse Electric

Practical & Pretty. Wall calendar by Leah Duncan

Stash your stuff stylishly. Storage Baskets from West Elm


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What is on your busy entrepreneur wish list? Share your picks in the comments below! Also be sure to bring your busy selves by Thursday & Friday for the launch of the OMHG 2013 Happy Healthy Planner


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