November Theme: Holiday Survival Guide

Oh My! Holiday Survival Guide, oh my handmade november theme

Happy November & hooray for a new OMHG theme! This time of year can be crazy for small business owners, especially those who sell tangible products! There are a bazillion things to prep, orders to ship (and long lines to stand in), not to mention cranky or demanding holiday customers. Many of us have our own holiday celebrations or vacations to plan + gifts to buy or make. Some of us end up feeling let down when all our prep work leads to few holiday sales or end up totally overwhelmed by a sudden rush. Lots of us are parents and feel an added pressure to make magical memories for our wee folks (mini-mouse advent calendars anyone?) while juggling all our other hats. For service or digital based businesses & blogs we are getting ready for a January rush since the holidays are our slow season-comments drop to nothing and the interwebs are all abustle with Christmasness. No matter what stage of the spectrum you are at this month we’re here to help us all survive (and thrive!) during this season of busy. From practical biz tips to festive shortcuts and tutorials, we are sharing our cumulative wintery wisdom, all wrapped up with a bow for extra beauty.

oh my holiday survival guide

Come join us! Do you have any holiday survival tips to share or question you want answered? Share your ideas and need-to-knows in the comments and I’ll do my best to include & answer them over the next few weeks. Also be sure to visit us today for our first #OMHG chat of the month from 1-2EST, we’re kicking off our theme with a giant brainstorm of holiday survival tips! 



  1. Jennifer says:

    I started craft fairs last year and had a ton of stuff left over so that’s when I started and Etsy shop to sell the overstock. I closed my own site down and have been on Etsy ever since. Now that the craft fair season is back, I’ve changed my product mix but am selling items I STILL have leftover (like Christmas cards). I learned the most about my own business because of the holidays and what sold and what didn’t depending on the venue.

  2. jet says:

    to surfive the hollidays , i start with my gift tags ideas in the summertime.
    first i think of what i want to give this year and what the idea of behind it will be.
    then i start very soon to find the right materials, the right tools ect.
    And then i start with a list of the people that will receive that gift tag.
    For the others i will send a normal bought card.LOL Not all people appriciating those selfmade gifts.
    And then it’s just the making the right nummbers and then… at last at this month i think of the wrapping idea to mail them.
    My home is always filled with xmas balls so i don’t have to do much for that.LOl
    So it’s just planning and finding the right materials in time;-D

  3. Joyeaux says:

    I need help figuring out what to take to two different bazaars. One I will be able to be there in person and the other I have to leave my items to fend for themselves. I am not sure how to display many items in a small amount of space. Man oh man. It’s exciting but so overwhelming at the same time!! Thank you for this blog and others like it that make me feel a little more on top of things. *hug*

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