Money Making Party Plan + FREE Planner

I love money.

O0ps did I just say that out loud?

I think I did. Oh well. Enough of feeling guilty + a bit self-conscious about it. After all, I quit my day job to become a full time artist + I should be oh so proud that I get to do what I love AND bring peanut butter + jelly sandwiches to the table.

Gosh, why is that so hard for my heart to compute without feeling icky inside? Part of me blames all those years at an all-girls Catholic School. Another part of me accuses the starving artist syndrome trend. Neither are really at fault, but it takes some of the load off my shoulders.

But anyhoo, I didn’t come here to whine about my love/guilt relationship with money, pinky promise. As a matter of fact, I actually stopped by to chat about how I’ve managed to build a 5-figure business in spite of this internal struggle; a tension I couldn’t help to noticed many of my fellow creatives + handmade crusaders experience too.

So how do I cope? How do I transcend beyond the messy parts into forward momentum? How to a befriend money without contesting my most treasured forms of currency – friendship + love + trust?

Well, crafting what many would call “a lucrative business” has meant maneuvering through the entire emotional spectrum. Lots of happy dances. Tons of crying not so separately.

It’s meant opening up the Pandora Box of me + battling some evil monsters.

It’s meant discovering who I am + what I love to do versus who I’m not + what I really don’t enjoy one bit. Yes, web coding I’m thinking about you right now.

It has meant tapping into my mojo + squeezing out all the pixie dust.

It has meant giving away my best magic poisons, for free, 99% of the time to prove to myself that I have all the superpowers I need to fly.

It’s meant hammering my head on brick walls for underpricing the remaining 1% + giving myself an explosive self-cheer when I manage to get over my insecurities + price the darn thing right.

It’s meant not panicking when 5 days go by without a single transaction, not even a penny.

It’s meant not going on a shopping spree on the days that my PayPal account is literally on fire.

It has meant realizing that the greatest motivator for making money has nothing to do with me, but rather with helping others.

It’s meant that what my clients need isn’t necessarily what they want to buy. Big light bulb moment!

It’s meant learning what my clients really REALLY want from me even before they know it + surprising them with it. It feels like Christmas every time.

It’s meant understanding that my success is directly linked to my community’s success + vice versa. Karma’s at play every day, all day baby!

It’s meant knowing that my money-making party plans automatically give other’s permission to host their own money-making celebrations too. And this is my favorite reward.

There’s really just one-way to describe this entire process: experimentation.

I run experiments for a living. That’s how I create my products + my coaching packages + my digital guides + my new whimsical characters + my printables + my blog posts + my guest posts + my Friday Video Time episodes. I experiment. Much like an inventor + a crazy lab scientist or an Iron Chef.

And after I run each experiment, I assess with a magnifying glass, “How did that go Mayi?”

That’s how I learn + edit + recycle + improve + rock on.

It’s a never-ending process that helps me de-ickyfy my money gremlins + turn them into happy happy thoughts, with the occasional aid of The Sound of Music’s “My Favorite Things” song. I use it just for emergencies (wink).


Here’s the thing, my experimental money-making party works wonders for me. My mentor’s money-making machine works fab for them. Your colleague’s profit philosophy is your friend’s profit philosophy. Now, I ask you: “What are you doing to discover what works for you?”

Googling the answer doesn’t count. You really have to find your own blueprint + embark on your own personal money-making adventures, you ranger you!

That’s why I’ve designed a this special Money Making Party Planner, to help you plan out your earning cycles + money-making ideas. Did you really think I was going to leave you solo in the wild with all those lions + tigers + bears? Oh my! No way.


1. Download + print your Money Making Party Planner (scroll down for link)

2. Jot down your yearly financial goal.

3. Brainstorm all revenue stream possibilities for growing your business + scribble them down along the year. This might include opening up your own e-commerce website + doing trade shows + making a digital guide + creating a Facebook business page + re-photographing your products by a pro + accepting commission work + guest posting on high traffic blogs.

Now remember, everything you do takes up physical time in your life. So, without putting things down on the calendar, it’s easy to plan way too much or fall short. Planning for massive sales means that you need to understand when + how to time your offers so that your business sky-rockets by default. It also means being gentle with yourself + understanding that if your have a vacation planned in August to go to Disney World, then you’re not that likely to sew 500 handmade aprons that month.

Now take a pigheaded look at your calendar + make some plans.


Do you dig this post? Then you’ll L-O-V-E my new program Life is Messy Bootcamp, designed to help you streamline your messy life + reclaim your physical and virtual space + get you closer to your world domination aspirations.

Life is Messy Bootcamp is an online + self-paced multimedia organizational extravaganza engineered to take you from “to-do mode” to “action gear”. No “fluff” content, only real “actionable” information inside.

Use your exclusive Oh My! Handmade coupon code to receive 10% OFF at the checkout counter.


 I can’t wait to see you on the inside.


Mayi Carles


  1. Amen – sister! Feeling this one right now “It’s meant not panicking when 5 days go by without a single transaction, not even a penny” during the January slow down. Thank you for making me feel a ton less alone in this 😉

    Have a super day – Brandi

    • Jessika says:

      A million trillion thank you’s for this Mayi! I’ve never cared much for money-in fact I have always chosen careers and jobs that centre around non-profits, communities & children, not big money makers! I don’t focus on sales because I always have grander plans then making money…but this is the year I need to work through this divide to bring together my ethics & love of community with a business model that supports my work. There are physical things I need in order to grow my business & provide some safety for my familia but it is hard to focus on selling when I want to change the world! Thank you for the reminder that I can do both, in a way that fits with my ethics & that will also support others. I simply adore you sweet friend & superstar motivator, I SO needed to read this. I’ve got my money plan printed out-we have a date tonight. Cheers to making money & spreading the prosperity around:)

  2. Mayi Carles says:

    @keeping it indie : So happy to know you enjoyed this post Brandi. You are not alone FOR SURE. Keep up the good work. This “job” is very cyclical so don’t get discouraged.

    @jessika : I missed posting here SO SO much. I am so blessed to have a second home in this blogsphere + a chance to share with your lovely readers my messy journey. I can’t wait to make some money together + finally afford to hug in person + bake cupcakes non-virtually hehehe!

  3. ~Monica says:

    LOVED this post! Just reconnecting with you and have a lot to get caught up on. I have a feeling this space is going to help me in so many ways as I begin my ‘handmade creative business’ from scratch ; ) Boy do I ever appreciate the honest insight from creative business veterans! XOXO

  4. jet says:

    aaaw so sweet and kind to share this planner with us;-D
    i’m using something like this to plan my artwork every month and you’re soooooo right it’s working for me as well.;-D
    yours i will print it out and will hang it on the wall with glass on it so i can use it more then one year;-D
    thank you for the sharing and the great idea’s you tell us to make money;-D
    and have a great weekend;XD

  5. Mayi Carles says:

    @jet : You are very very welcome. I love pretty planners. It makes the process so much more enjoyable + it truly helps maximize results. Us creatives need visual stimulation to function, don’t we?

  6. Diane says:

    I love your site and your planner is fabulous.

    Maybe you address this somewhere and I’ve just missed it…. I’m pretty creative and living in a new tiny community without transportation, other than my two feet, during the day. I’m looking for a job…but haven’t landed one yet and there are very few available. So…it seems that the best option is to create my own something. Do you have a suggestion, or can you push me in a direction where I can sort this out and come out with a plan? I’m spinning my wheels and wasting time and our family is in desperate need of my earnings.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    • Jessika says:

      You’ve come to the right place Diane! A great place to start is figuring out what makes you happiest to create or offer others. List your talents, skills, experiences and look for common threads. Many of our contributors can help you brainstorm and find a way to create your own business. Check out our contributor page & research other creative business coaches/mentors who can help you on your journey:)

  7. Studio4pr says:


    Oh my, I just discovered your blog and I love,love, LOVE it. I love what you stand for, your commitment to creativity and community, the posts, contributors, and the list goes on. I look forward to soaking up a lot of knowledge here and then applying to be a guest contributor myself. Best wishes for much continued success!

  8. mariwitch says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing this! I don’t feel so alone anymore amidst my own struggles with keeping up with the bills while holding on to this freedom from the corporate world. Thank you again! You are a surprise blessing for me for today!

  9. Masha Dowell says:

    I just found this article!!! Yay! I am a creative person, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it all work for me financially. I knew I could do it — just had some missing pieces. But you hit it on the nail with your observations and actions! Thanks for sharing!!!

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