Oh My Etsy Awesome!

jessika hepburn, etsy educator, certified etsy educator

It is officially official! I am a certified Etsy Educator! Last month I was invited to Etsy HQ in Brooklyn to be part of a pilot project training the very first group of 15 Etsy Educators. The purpose? To have a group of educators who can support new sellers or shops that are working to succeed by offering hands-on workshops about getting started on Etsy. The 15 of us are spread across the US and Jenna of Make It University & I were there to represent the West & East coast of Canada. We spent a full day in training with the folks at Etsy and met members from a bunch of different teams, we even got confidential sneak peeks at the future of selling on Etsy and newness that is in the works!  It was such an affirmation of all the work I’ve put into OMHG in the last 2 years to be chosen as part of the first group of educators and make this connection with Etsy for us.

etsy educators, oh my handmade

What does this mean for the OMHG community? First I can now offer Etsy 101 workshops with the Etsy seal of approval! This new workshop offering is in the shop and I am planning local workshops + a super special event in Ontario is in the works for the fall. If your creative group, organization, or community needs a boost getting started on Etsy I can be there with bells on. Want to see me spreading goodness in your town? Check out the workshop or email me to make it happen!

etsy educators, oh my handmade

Second, for those of you who are flung far and wide or want focused support growing your shop on Etsy I am now offering a review package just for Etsy sellers in addition to my brand + blog reviews. This offering is all about assessing your Etsy shop and giving you the tools to make it the very best it can be. I see thousands of Etsy shops every year and answer questions about Etsy as a biz growing tool daily so now its time to pull that knowledge together for you to access. Interested? Get all the details on Oh My! Etsy Reviews right here. 

Third, and most important of all (to me at least!) I got to connect with online friends who I adore like my ultimate girl-crush Amy Turn Sharp who I’ve been smitten with since way before OMHG, Danielle, Nickey & Michelle of Etsy admin fame, Caroline of Paloma’s Nest, Danielle of Merriweather Council, Jenna of Make It University and sooooo many more amazing folks. I was also so beyond excited that two of our OMHG contributors and my bestest online friends Zoe and Joy trained in to see me and go exploring the Brooklyn Flea for an afternoon. Next week I’ll share part 2 of my Brooklyn adventures with a photo tour of all the awesome things I saw + a peek at the inside of Etsy HQ!

To celebrate this new journey to Etsy and beyond I am offering OMHG readers a 15% discount on Oh My! Etsy Reviews (expires July 18), just use the code ETSY at checkout. Invest in getting a lovingly detailed review of your shop, take August to put it all into action, and start September looking sharp and ready for goodness with me cheering you on!

We’re talking Etsy tomorrow at our #OMHG chat-come share your Etsy experiences, stories, questions, and struggles with us from 1-2EST on Twitter. Can’t make our chat but still have questions or stories about building a biz on Etsy? Leave them in the comments and I’ll meet you there! 


  1. Stacey says:

    This is so awesome – not just for you, Jessika, but for Etsy sellers everywhere. There’s so many great folks involved in this new program and so much information to be shared. Yay!

  2. Hooray, congratulations!! This is so fabulous – and now I know why you went to Brooklyn, haha 🙂 One day I will definitely be in need of your Etsy know-how – still a dream for now, but getting closer!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s photos! xo

  3. Nanako says:

    Congrats Jess!! So excited to learn about this “Etsy educator” program! Your leadership role in the handmade community makes you the perfect person to become certified + help people navigate the waters of Etsy! Hoping to make the chat tomorrow 😀

  4. Emily says:

    Awesome!!! I also follow ecokaren and am a new member of ecoetsy and jist saw that she is an educator now as well! so exciting! I also saw a that Little Allouette (another new etsy ed.) Is from Columus Ohio (I live about an hour and a half from there), so I hope link up with her. It is an eeriely/wonderfully small world!!!

    • Jessika says:

      Thank you all for your support & excitement! I can’t wait to start teaching more workshops & supporting our large community of Etsy sellers.
      @Emily-the smallness of our creative community is always amazing to me, and Amy is brilliant you’ll adore her (at least I do!).

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