{Passion Projects} The Empowerment Project

The Empowerment Project, Isa Maria Seminega, Noisette Academy

Erin’s post on her campaign to change the 2nd largest industry in the world + free women and children started off a new series here on OMHG. #PassionProjects will showcase and celebrate the creatives of our community who are putting their hearts and hands to work making things better and give us a chance to get involved. Submission details will be shared in May but today today I want to share another story of one my biz heroines who is doing amazing things to support women and creativity. Passion projects are usually born from a deep love and need to act on our ethics. One of the most inspiring examples of a creative living her truth while empowering others to celebrate their own is Isa Maria Seminega of Noisette Marketing & The Academy.

The Empowerment Project, Isa Maria Seminega, Noisette Academy

When Isa visited Rwanda, her heart torn up after her own personal tragedy and loss of her job, she was struck by the strength of the Rwandese women in the face of immense difficulty. Her experience there inspired her to stop letting any fear or self-doubt stop her from creating the business of her dreams and she vowed to not return to Rwanda with empty hands. Since then she has built a thriving, ethical business that has brought so much goodness to our creative community. Isa is hands down one of the kindest, most genuinely caring and supportive women I have ever been graced with knowing.

This week Isa launched The Empowerment Project, as her way of giving back to the women of Rwanda. Inspired by her experience she created The Empowerment Collection, a beautifully designed workbook and set of inspiring prints to raise money for sewing kits to empower Rwandese women.

Every Empowerment Kit or set of digital prints sold = one sewing kit for Rwanda.

The Empowerment Project, Isa Maria Seminega, Noisette Academy

Isa’s offering to Rwanda and our community is so beautiful to me! I rushed and bought my Empowerment Kit right away and was blown away by her creativity + kindness. The kit itself empowers us to confidently build the business we want our way, while at the same time giving Rwandese women the tools they need to survive. Isa doesn’t just ask us to give for charity, she offers us the chance to be empowered and support the empowerment of other women in need.  It is a circle of support and giving that is just brilliant.

Isa plans to deliver the sewing kits, in person, to the women who will use them in May. The symbology of her returning to Rwanda with the tools to help women support themselves and their families through the work of their hands is so inspiring. I hope you feel as lifted by it as I do!

This campaign lasts only 7 days as Isa will be compiling the kits herself, by hand. There are just 5 days left to get your kit & in exchange send a sewing kit to Rwanda!  Please visit and read Isa’s moving call for us to join her here then click here to view the Empowerment Collection. Thank you Isa for all you do and for sharing your gifts with us!

The Empowerment Project, Isa Maria Seminega, Noisette Academy


  1. Love, love, love! Thank you Isa for your contribution to these women, it aligns with my desire to help spread the love of sewing. I especially like the high impact focus you have on women in Rwanda, I know you are changing lives with your support. I’d love to discuss opportunities for my shop to help make a contribution. Thanks again!


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