#PassionProjects: Why not save the world?

I’ll be celebrating my 3rd biz-birth day this month, and even though TrashN2Tees has opened the doors to many amazing opportunities- there is one thing that remains constant. The desire to make a difference. I really started small, designing clothing & accessories using 100% reclaimed materials inspiring you to consume less and recycle more. I was happy to be creating, and each sale was like a mini celebration, frolicking happy dance and more…they still truely are. My journey has included features in Lifestyle + Charity Magazine, Green Child Magazine, Handmadeology, Practically Green, GreenUpGrader and I was named a Top 200 Leading Mom in Business by StartupNation.com. I recently partnered with state agencies and local organizations to offer TrashN2Tees Clothing Recycling. By hosting community clothing drives, swaps, tee parties, and collection drop offs we’ve already diverted tons of textiles from landfills, and have set the goal of reaching 40,000 lbs by 2013.

Literally months ago I was feeling stuck- boxed in, almost as if I was on the cusp of something big but admittingly scared of both success and failure. I applied for  The Spark Scholarship… and won! Spending those glorious days in New Mexico, experiencing new people and foods, exchanging stories and ideas, values and experiences,  and for the first time really truely believing that I can do anything I want. I had thought of grandeur ideas for community collections, live workshops, and ebooks- but a “mean girl” was lurking. Come to think of it, I’m sure I never even shared those ideas with anyone before the Spark Retreat.  It was a cozy and dry (eyeball drying kind of dry) afternoon when an orbit-obsessed-oracle suggested that I host some type of international online event. I confessed- for the first time aloud- “I actually thought about developing an iPhone app  that changes the world.” Her response, “and so you will.”


I think it’s human nature to want to create some type of legacy—to not just do good things but also be known for them. Maybe you’ve been wondering how to take action, where to start, or just waiting for the opportunity to join a cause. I want to you to walk away from this saying  ‘I can save the world.” I’m standing by to hand you a shiney satin cape with your choice of badge and in my best oracle voice saying, “and so you will.” Here are a few pointers to get you started, but if you’re dog-gone-ready to do some good I suggest you check out Rocket Your Revolution with my gal pal Erin Giles.

  1. First you need to dig around, is there an cause that your passionate about, something that really lights your fire?
  2. Identify the problem, and brainstorm some solutions. Who does it benefits and how?
  3. What can you do with what you have where you are? (What you have includes: people you know, skills you & your supporters have, networks & communities your connected to)
  4. Take Action.

Click play to watch the Kickstarter video for the Create Change app!

These are the same steps I used when masterminding my lastest plot to save the world, The Create Change Movement. (remember that epic app idea?) This is how it all came together:

In November 2012, I am hosting an International Create Change Pledge Event in conjunction with an Iphone & Android application that I will be releasing & you can be a part of creating. The free app offers a creative database of tutorials that will walk you step by step through creatively reusing items you might otherwise throw away. It is going to revolutionize the way people view their garbage and inspire you to find creative ways to repurpose what we no longer need- injecting color, texture, personality, and wonder into our lives and communities . This pledge event is a call to action for people all around the world to reuse or repurpose just one item for one day. 70% of the items in our landfills can be recycled or repurposed.

When it came to step #3 (what can you do with what you have where you are) I called out to my #OMHG community, and this seed I planted has rapid-fire-multiplied into something beyond amazing, and so humbling. Collaborations and support from within this very community have already, and will continue to launch the message for change around the world. Jessika , our OhMy!  fearless leader/cheerleader/ editor helped me rebrand and design a logo. Deanna of Apples and Orange  is meticulously carving out a block to hand stamp The Create Change logo on… well everything! Geri of The Languid Lion created a stunning 8×10 poster as a Kickstarter backer reward. Lisa and the Moxie Pear crew will be designing the website. Lori-Ann from  Trim has probably clocked a gazillion hours of email time helping me brainstorm, celebrate, all the while plucking words from my brain & put them on paper. Many more talented eco handmade artisans including the fabulous Colleen Attara have donated their genius to support this cause.

Find out how you can support the development of The  Create Change App on Kickstarter TODAY! or join the movement on Flickr and Pinterest. Then take a moment and concoct a plan to make a difference (no matter how big or small the scale) & share it with us in the comments (or if you’re not ready, email me)  Why not save the world, together?



  1. Wow Jenelle. I am speechless. You are amazing. I am a huge believer in fate and that we all are where we are exactly supposed to be. Knowing your story really validates this for me. Every part of your journey was necessary to bring you here, to this amazing place of change. The universe is moving right along with you! I cannot tell you how cool it was to see your “create change” on a twitter email blast yesterday. Wow!
    You have my full support. I am busy thinking of all kinds of ways to reuse things for this app.
    I am so very grateful that our paths crossed here in this amazing community. I am so inspired by you and so happy to have you in my circle!!!

  2. Kerry says:

    Way to go Jenelle! I just tweeted about this after getting it in my inbox from twitter yesterday! I believe there is a lot of power in expressing your ideas out loud in order to get them off the ground and find amazing people to help you make them fly. Good luck to you!

  3. Emily says:

    This is amazing! I am currently building up a community on my Goodness Greenness blog from scratch and trying to promote change and sustainability too. I would love to become involved in your project in anyway possible. I scoped out your web page and am going to send my pledge in later today!

  4. #OMHG has played such a huge roll in my journey- without the support of Jess and this community these ideas would’ve still been tucked inside.

    Colleen, swelling heart & hugs. It certainly is all about the journey and learning to be open to the possibilities. I’m extremely excited to tap your genius and collaborate in ways that spread joy & a message like wildfire. Good things to come.

    Lisa, its a pleasure to work with you & to have your enthusiasm and drive behind the Create Change Movement!

    Kerry, its true. There is power in saying something out loud- even if its in an empty room. It’s something that you can practice doing, each time- you being to hear this conviction and assurance in your own amazing voice.

    Emily, I would love to find out more about the Goodness Greeness blog- lets get together! Email me contact@trashn2tees.com

  5. Geri says:

    I am so honoured to have helped you out in my own small way, Jenelle… you’re simply amazing in your zest for effecting change, the courage to set it in motion, for being humble enough to ask for help, for being a visionary & a generally, all-around awesome woman!

    So proud to be your friend & can’t wait to see this journey unfold 😉 xoxoxo

  6. Julie says:

    Hey there! Cannot tell you how excited I am about the app!! I have been getting your blog for a while, although I do not always get a chance to read it, it is the only one that has its own heading as I never delete them, as i have felt them to be very important and now i realise why!! You are another partner in the Creative Reuse Centre I am hoping my workplace (a disability organisation) agrees to start up very soon.(and give a name to) Thank you for the assistance in my journey and have returned the favour and hope you are 150% funded by the end of August! Your awesomeness is awesome! lol
    Thanks again from Adelaide, Australia!
    Creative Oneders

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