Raise Your Hand to Ask Daniellexo

Oh My! Handmade community! Long time fan, first time blogger. Jessika invited me to hop on over and start an advice column, and that felt right up my alley, so here I am.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. In 2005 I started selling on a little, tiny website called Etsy. I fell in love and started a few Etsy Teams, ran a few Etsy craft shows and was quickly asked to cross over to the admin side of things. I worked as Etsy’s Seller Education Lead (among other titles) for five years and recently left Etsy to be an independent entrepreneur again. Since leaving Etsy, I’ve launched a newsletter, podcast and blog called Creative Little Beasts and have been pondering up my next big move.

Heres what you should know about me:

  • In the last #omhg Twitter chat, when Jessika asked, “What’s your super power?” my answer was, “I have the uncanny ability to notice other people’s super powers.
  • I love stand up comedy, my mom, weirdos, painting, and crazy leggings.
  • I started as a writer, so I’m obsessed with finding your authentic voice and using it to easily connect with your potential fans, followers, buyers and future boyfriends.
  • I believe creative people make the best entrepreneurs, as soon as they realize their self-determined flaws can be their most powerful strengths.
  • I’m as sweet as pie, but not afraid to call bullshit, on, well, bullshit.
  • I think OMHG’s Jessika and I are somehow related or past-live twinsies.
So where are you stuck? What idea do you want to bounce off me? Send me an email and I’ll pick one or two to feature in my first OMHG Ask Daniellexo advice column.
Editor’s note: Let’s welcome Danielle (who must be my sister-from-another-mother) to OMHG! I bet many of you recognize her lovely face & all around awesome + know we are crazy lucky she agreed to answer our biz questions. Happy dance time! ~Jessika



  1. Welcome Danielle. Happy to see your energy come across my screen this morning. I love hanging out here and I am happy to see you in this amazing community.

    Hmmmm….stuck. Any thoughts on what to do when you have a few too many creative ideas whirling in your head? And they all have potential and just need a small piece of your energy…?


  2. Geri says:

    Welcome, Danielle! It’s just plain awesome to see your (many) face(s) within the OMHG community… my question pulls your Etsy expertise in to play – since relaunching my product line on Etsy, I’ve gotten a LOT of convos, but once I answer their questions (very promptly, professionally & courteously, i might add), I often don’t hear back from them & some don’t even respond to say Thank You… waddup widat? Is that normal?

  3. Wowza! thank you Jessika for bringing Danielle onboard. OMHG just rocks, have I said that lately? and seriously? we need a picture of the 2 of you side by side because there is most definitely a doppelganger effect there!
    Welcome Danielle, I am off to subscribe to your blog too 🙂 and when I think of some questions I will lay ’em on ya!

  4. Ahmelie says:

    So excited to hear from you again Danielle! You had my favorite posts all the time and I feel like you always “have my back” as a creative entrepreneur. Love, love, love that we get to interact with you some more!

  5. karen says:

    OK, I’ll be honest. I’m just a tad bit jealous you are over here – just a tad bit – and not on Joys of Handmade.

    But so over the moon, thrilled, that we’ll be seeing you again, dishing out valuable advice to us, the ‘creative misfits’ again. Yay! (I love your new blog, btw!)

    Can’t wait to see read your “Dear Danielle” column here! Jessika, you lucky dawg!!!

  6. Ludmilla says:

    Danielle, great to see you here. I was wondering that lately I have not seen you on the Etsy’ s forum. Just to brag a bit, last week one of my treasuries made it to the front page, so I feel like of am now part of that special club:) so …. My question would be how to make it to etsy finds now?

  7. Ev says:

    I just put your podcast “Oh My!” on at the office to get me through a completely boring task. As soon as you and Jessika started talking about trying too hard to be perfect at your craft I started laughing. I am so busted. 🙂

    Thanks girl!

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