The Holidays- Planning for Plan B

Here it is November and you’re all set for the holiday rush. You’ve got your new items, a freshly stocked shop, and a little pep in your step for the good things to come. The anticipation of new customers and orders piling up to your creative eyeballs. And then, it happens. It. The very thing to go and mess up your holiday shop bliss. Maybe your equipment has gone on the fritz or your childcare has left you high and dry. Could be that the postal service is on strike or you’ve somehow run out of supplies, even though you swear you double checked. But it happens.Even the good things can throw us off our game, like an unexpected awesome feature or a huge onslaught of orders. Either way, we’ve got to be ready, because you know what they say about the best laid plans…

One morning, deep in the holiday season, I awoke to an inbox that runneth over.  I was excited to learn that the blog Deuce, featured one of my items on her Christmas gift picks list –producing a deluge of inquiries and orders. All with 7 days left before Christmas. Another year, right in the thick of it, my trusty sewing machine practically sputtered to a stand still. Then after solving that mess, the repair shop managed to lose my machine. I kid you not. Both of these experiences taught me, or rather, forced me to learn that we’re wise to think of possible scenarios and how we’d go about solving them now instead of right as it’s happening.

Here’s a few of my personal tips to prepare for the unexpected

  • Identify a solution if your equipment (computer, printer, sewing machine, etc.) breaks down;  purchase a back-up, locate a rental, start contacting friends now who may be able to offer theirs (with cookies in hand of course).
  • Seek assistance. Maybe it’s extra help with the kids or friends who’d like to pitch in with the easy tasks.  Could be a spouse or family. I think it’s helpful to put folks on notice that the holidays can be a crazy hectic time for you and any (ok, almost any) help is appreciated.
  • Storms, shipping delays, internet fiascos all happen. Ponder your policies and ways you might address these issues should they come barreling your way.
  • Imagine how you’d handle those amazing opportunities. Whether you open your inbox to a Babble feature or the Today Show comes calling, what exactly are you going to do?
  • Since you’re irreplaceable (yes, you are!) what will happen should you come down with a yukky cold or need to be away for a bit? Think of what you can do, now, so that when a sniffles come, you’re still in business.

I know I’ve only scratched the surface here, so if you’ve got more ideas on how to plan for the unexpected and create multiple Plan Bs, please share! And, if you’re like me and love the feeling of crossing things off a list, check out my holiday rush printable checklist to get your shop extra ready for a successful holiday season.


  1. Thank you so much for having me here to share my tips! I love all the feedback via twitter and see I’m in good company needing several back up plans 🙂

    Best wishes to everyone for a lovely, successful holiday season!

    • Jessika says:

      I so love your contributions Allisa! Always so much wisdom & insight! Our annual OMHG winter slow-down has begun the comments are getting quieter & quieter and the convo moves to Twitter/FB-funny but it happens every year!!!

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