Wrap it Pretty with Custom Wrapping Paper from JukeboxPrint.com


JukeboxPrint.com, custom kraft wrapping paper, oh my! handmade

{a sponsored post from Jukeboxprint.com}

Sqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That is the sound that I made when a big box of goodness arrived at my doorstep last week. Since we are still working on our redesigned website I hadn’t started ordering new print materials with our This Paper Ship branding-so when Jukeboxprint.com approached me to collaborate on a post featuring their custom kraft wrapping paper I leapt on it. And I am so glad I did! I love brown paper packages and string to a silly degree but I’ve decided nothing is as exciting as brown paper packages with your very own branding on them! Imagine getting these pretty packages in the post:

Jukebox Print, custom kraft wrapping paper, oh my! handmade

I can just see the excitement customers would have when they get your package in the mail and it is a full experience all the way down to the wrapping! It is a bit too late to get your own custom wrapping paper for prettifying your holiday orders but here are some other ideas for your paper:

  • Add gift wrapping as an added bonus at craft fairs or shows
  • Since the paper comes in a large roll use it as a branded backdrop for a photo shoot or video
  • Design your own wrapping paper to sell-cut the roll to standard size, add a ribbon + branded sticker & you have a new product!
  • Add a square of your paper to large orders as an extra thank you
  • Wrap all your holiday gifts – your friends and family will be amazed by the personal touch
  • Complete your packaging for homemade gifts like jams and baked goods

Contact the fabulous folks at Jukeboxprint.com to plan your own custom wrapping paper! Make sure you check out their entire range of other Brown Kraft products – including business cards, stickers, envelopes, flyers and more. They also offer a full range of high quality printing services for business stationary, more business card options than you can imagine – even rubber stamps + all sorts of other goodies.

JukeboxPrint.com, custom kraft wrapping paper, oh my! handmade

As a bonus, Jukeboxprint.com also has another roll of customised Brown Kraft wrapping paper to give away to an OMHG reader. Simply follow Jukeboxprint.com on Twitter and Tweet them a “#MerryCraftmas” to enter.
Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to hear more about their latest products and giveaways.
Be sure to share your new printed goodness with us for our Packaged Pretty series! Until then…

JukeboxPrint, custom kraft wrapping paper, oh my! handmade


  1. Hi Jess. Your wrapping paper looks so lovely.

    I wanted to check out the Jukeboxprint website but found it a bit hard to navigate. I don’t see the wrapping paper anywhere, nor is there a “search” box where I can enter the word “kraft” so I could check out their entire range as you suggest.

    • Jessika says:

      Thanks Tania! You made a good point-there website isn’t hugely navigable, I think at this point they mostly negotiate custom orders so you need to contact them for more info on different products. Hopefully with our input they can improve their site (but the products are awesome!).

  2. Marisa says:

    I’m so happy to see the custom wrapping paper here and to hear you love it Jess! While the website might not be the greatest, I have had nothing but great experiences with Jukebox Print – both customer service and product-related. My business cards are from Jukebox and I looooove them! I love that this company is Canadian, that their products are affordable (especially important if you’re like me and go through heaps of business cards), and that they offer unique items. For me, Jukebox was my next step after Moo – which I know everyone loves, but as my business grew, Moo cards became too pricey considering how many I was going through. Anyway, I’m so glad that you’ve connected with this company and I hope that others love them too! (And that custom wrapping paper becomes easier to order – it would be nice to be able to price it out without having to send an inquiry – I do love the transparency of a good price list!)

  3. Thank you for all the interest! 🙂 We are currently developing a new website to be more user-friendly.

    We have some special pricing for Oh My Handmade blog readers – a 150′ x 24″ roll of custom Brown Kraft Wrapping paper for just $99 (valid until Jan 31, 2013).
    Place a custom print quote and mention “Oh My Blog” to order: http://www.jukeboxprint.com/customQuote/

    Valentines Day, Easter, Father’s Day, Birthdays – so many uses! Happy Gifting!

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