Sparkling Inside Your Teeny Tiny Community

We have a super special guest post today-our very first video post submission from the fabulous Kim of Hope Loves Cards! Kim gets all caffeinated & cupcaked to talk to us about how we can sparkle inside our communities and offer up some ideas and a worksheet for building our empires of sparkly goodness (+ adorable dancing + singing for good measure!).

Kim also made us an awesome printable worksheet, just click the image below to download & get your sparkle on!

sparkling inside my community, hope loves cards, oh my handmade

About Kim: 

I’m a total rockstar when it comes to making cards. If I was a superhero my power would be…ENERGY (that is if energy comes in the form of Mt. Dew & cupcakes!). My biggest fear in life is that I will run out of glitter glue + envelopes. Come connect with me!



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