Community Spotlight: Portland, Oregon

Greetings From Portland!As a maker, I couldn’t possibly think of a more wonderful place to create than here in Portland.  Maybe it’s the drizzly afternoons, the bounty of vegetation, or the endless possibilities for each day – Portland draws a creative and resourceful crowd.  From crafty pioneers to Project Runway winners and all sorts in between, we’re a community that celebrates the process of making.And, for me, community is like being home – a place of nourishment, inspiration, a healthy dose of accountability, and room to grow. True to the pioneering spirit of the west, Portland embraces those who make things happen.  Admittedly, I have a bit of shyness that keeps me from plunging feet first into this wildly creative community, but the undercurrent of go-get-it-ness definitely fuels my passion.

{Michele Maule}Long before Portlandia put a bird on it, super star blogs like Posie Gets Cozy has been providing a charming glimpse of the creative aspects of our city while Oh, Frannson shares her incredible talent for modern quilting. In addition to the dozens of small business who welcome handcrafted items, Crafty Wonderland emerged as a bi-yearly colossal event showcasing makers to thousands of eager and loyal patrons. Further kicking it up a notch, Etsy teamed up with Pacific Northwest College of Art, Museum of Contemporary Craft, and the Portland Etsy team to develop I Heart Art, Portland. This pilot project offers support, education, and inspiration to Portland’s creative community.  I mean, how can you not create and make in this town?!
{Crafty Wonderland Retail Shop}Often called the ‘City of Roses’ or ‘Bridgetown,’ Portland has no doubt also earned the title of ‘Sewing Mecca’ of the United States. We’re brimming with dozens of sewing studios and fabric stores, including legendary Josephine’s Dry Goods and the lovely online store, Sew Mama Sew, who cultivates an international community of sewers.  Studios like Modern Domestic offer more than just classes, they welcome you in, like a good friend teaching you her craft.
Modern Domestic, courtesy Peep Thread
From the Portland community, there countless designers and makers who really shine, but here are a few friends and favorites:

{Bella Puzzles Too, Prunella Soap, The Wheat Field, Imeon Design, Ashley G, and Little Lark}I feel extremely proud and lucky to be living in this vibrant community, a place that nourishes creativity and encourages us all to forge our own path.

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