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cotton candy printers, oh my! handmade sponsor feature

Nothing like a little sweetness to brighten up your week and what is sweeter than cotton candy? Or how about Cotton Candy Printers! Yeni visits us today to tell us about her printing company based out of New York specializing in printing works of art on pin back buttons, labels and mirrors for businesses and lovers of cuteness worldwide. Yeni is a new mama with a new business-in fact there is all sorts of newness in her life! A lovely logo by This Paper Ship for Aeolidia + moving from Etsy to a sparkly new website are setting Cotton Candy Printers up for an amazing year-let’s learn a bit more about her and how you can win a little sweetness for your very own self.

Hi Yeni! Thank you for your support of OMHG & for visiting us today-please tell us a bit about yourself and Cotton Candy Printers!

I’m a stay-at-home wife and mother to an amazingly happy and beautiful 6 month old baby girl. Somewhere in the middle of my pregnancy, I got bored and decided to start a business. Combining my love for graphic design and printed works, I thought why not start a printing-related business to kill time. I’ve decided to name it Cotton Candy Printers because of my insatiable appetite for sweets, plus cotton candy just sounds so yummy!

We love hearing how & where makers make, can you show or tell us about your workspace? 

The magic happens in my small apartment in Manhattan. While I try to keep my desk neat at all times (I’m a bit of a neat freak), it usually ends up messy by the end of the day. I also have a bunch of art magazines and catalog on the table in case I need some emergency inspirations.

What are you planning for Cotton Candy Printers in the future? Any exciting projects or products in the works? 

I’m hoping that I can expand our current line of buttons, pocket mirrors and stickers to include stationery like notebooks in the future. I’ve been working with my good friend, Linda Tanasal, for a while now to create more artwork. She does graphic design on a freelance basis and is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

cotton candy printers, oh my! handmade sponsor feature


What do you think this design is about? Tell us a little story (funny, silly, flight of fancy-anything goes) about it in the comments for a chance to win your own + a set of pin back buttons from Yeni of Cotton Candy Printers.


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  1. Wehaf says:

    The ice cream tornado had somehow gotten herself wrapped around a flag pole. If only she could get away and resume her spinning travels across Cotton Candy Land, she’d be so happy again! She pulled and twisted, and strained, and tugged, concentrating so hard that her tongue stuck out and her eyes screwed up. Suddenly she lifted up, up, up; she was free! But she’d brought that flagpole with her; it would be part of her forever.

  2. Somehow I don’t think anyone will be able to top the story about Mrs Candy Floss, the Ice Cream Fairy and the Sandwich Pirate.

    Nevertheless, here’s my interpretation:

    Little Miss Cotton Candy

    Candy Cotton loved to eat
    Cotton candy, sticky and sweet
    She could eat it all day long
    But one day it all went wrong

    One of her teeth started to ache
    There was no medicine she could take
    So off to the dentist she had to go
    Terrified she thought: “Oh no!”

    The dentist told her firm but clear:
    “You’ve got to remember to floss, you hear.”
    So she’s following his good advice
    “Do not floss once, but do it twice!”

    So cotton candy she’ll still eat
    Since it makes for such a lovely treat
    But brushing and flossing everyday
    To keep off any tooth decay.


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