Extra! Extra! Our Great Nova Scotia Moving Update

oh my handmade

Some of you may have noticed it has been terribly quiet around OMHG lately. The sale of our house closed on August 10th and we’ve been moving hard core ever since. This whole adventure started back in February when we began renovating our house with the intention of selling and moving. Four months of living in boxes and chaos while we prettified our home led us to putting the house on the market in June, followed by 25 showings, 2 offers and a sale.

Round 1 of  what I dub the Moving Olympics saw us moving the majority of our life to Chris’s parents basement (including a marathon 48 hour no-sleep cleaning mission before closing) and searching for a new house to buy in Lunenburg, a failed offer, and no little amount of panic. 10 days before closing we had not found a home to buy and had to scramble to find a rental. Luckily we found a house to rent with days to spare and a few catches-we could stay in the house for 10 days in August but we had to clear out for the last 2 weeks of the month and we needed to commit to the rental until May. The house is so amazing that we bit the bullet and signed a lease, found a 2 week rustic rental (WITH NO INTERNETS!) for the end of August and Round 2 of the adventure began.

oh my handmade

We packed the van with the essentials and headed to Lunenburg, moving from the awesome rental after a few days to the silly little house we are now camping in. To make up for our whole summer being filled with moving madness we’ve been soaking up the last days of the month at the beach, farmer’s markets, mini-road trips, explorations down dirt lanes and into the forests, plus a few lovely dinners (and even a not so lovely visit to the little local hospital when Sela fell and gashed her head).  Right now I am cozied up at a picnic table taking advantage of WiFi and realizing that I am definitely addicted to the internet!

oh my handmade

One of the best things about community is that many hands are around when life gets crazy. So in true potluck style I decided to run the Kitchen Party submissions from our readers from Monday until the end of August. Put on your aprons and get ready to visit with us all in the kitchen, warming up our new town, and helping us get settled into our new life.  If you want to follow along in our adventures be sure to visit the photos I’ll be sharing on our Facebook page! 

I would love to know what kind of adventures your summer has been holding-share your stories, yummy dinners, and wanderings in the comments…I’ll sneak out and find a signal so I can read all about it! 


    • Jessika says:

      Thanks Tania! Leaps are definitely a mixture of terror & excitement, a tightrope of thrills! There will definitely be lots of local Lunenburg love being shared in the coming years:)
      Micheline!!!! Yes lets visit, soon or sooner! Can’t wait to reconnect:)

  1. I’ve been thinking about you friend! What a journey…I’m looking forward to hearing about your life in Lunenburg. I’m hoping it’s all you’ve wished for!

    Happy hugs for your new start 🙂

    xo, allisa

  2. Oh my Jessika, that house is very dreamy. I love the beach shots. So happy you are making the most out of each unexpected adventure…..as well as the expected ones…..

    Your girls are lucky little girlies.

    As for my summer, lots of adventures. This past week, a visit to The Met and the Impossible Conversations exhibit. And then we were on a Cake Boss show. All with my 14-year-old daughter and her friends. A wonderful but quick moving summer.

  3. Moxie Lisa says:

    Wow, I am so jealous of your new town…it looks absolutely magical! The rental is equally as cute and once you get through the crazy and settled in, I know you are going to enjoy it so much. Congrats again for digging in your heels and making such an awesome life change.

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