Handmade Hero: Naomi's Big Hearted Holiday Mission

Handmade Hero, Naomi Brunt of Starfish Quay

Above: record clock by Naomi & Tim of Starfish Quay

When I scheduled this post I was not at all thinking of Black Friday-it was my first available spot in our calendar so I slotted it in. Early this week I was questioning the wisdom of publishing it today on a day when the US especially is in a shopping frenzy but after thinking it over decided it couldn’t be a more perfect time. In the midst of shopping madness taking a moment to lend a helping hand to others struggling is a sweet balance.

I first met Naomi of Starfish Quay through our #OMHG chats over a year ago. Always kind and cheerful, she has been steadily working away at her handmade biz with her husband Tim, so I was very sad to learn that she is incredibly ill. Strokes and blood clots have landed her in the hospital repeatedly making my health worries seem totally silly in comparison. Naomi doesn’t have the ability to plan right now for a happy healthy year like I do, her body just isn’t co-operating. During this busy holiday season Naomi has been in and out of the hospital but is still managing to pack orders despite needing a wheelchair and walker.  What I find most moving and inspiring is that Naomi didn’t write me about herself at all, but a beautiful little girl she is trying to support by raising money for a local charity.

Here is Naomi’s big hearted holiday mission: 

A very dear friend of mine whom I went to school with has identical twins. The twin connection is there as I am a twin myself, although luckily for me, not identical – he’s a boy!! I very much see her as my little sister, the whole family are wonderful including the Grandparents, who I’ve known since I was 11 (I’m 34 now). Anyway, to get back to the story, the twins Lorelai and Naomi aren’t identical anymore – unfortunately Naomi has ALL Luekemia. She has been through hell this year (they’re not 3 until January, very little) lumbar punctures, having her ‘wiggly’ put in to get medication straight into her chest, steroids that ballooned her, blood transfusions, bone marrow transfusion, chemo which has made her back to her normal size, but now all her hair has fallen out. So I had the ‘crazy’ idea that I didn’t think it was fair she should spend the festive season being the only ‘young’ bald one. So the plan was to set the bar quite high and raise some money for our National Children’s Hospital: Great Ormond Street (GOSH) which is a charity. I actually had two stays there myself as a young teenager for my Coeliacs Disease. My Husband Tim has duly grown a beautiful Mustache for MOvember, but he’s putting his money to GOSH and has also agreed to join in on the head shaving.

Tim and I have decided that if we can raise £300 by the end of Movember we shall go into the festive season with shaved heads (not scalped). Only you can make this happen, so please donate so that little Naomi and any child going through Chemo or other treatments don’t have to have a shaved head alone through Christmas. It not only helps the children helped by GOSHCC, it also helps their families through the most difficult times of their lives – not just at Christmas, but forever. GOSH!!  We will also donate 10% of everything we sell from our Etsy shop, Christmas Markets and at Things British, Kingly Court, Off Carnaby Street between now and 2013 to the cause. You can also follow our board, Child Cancer & Giving To Great Ormond Street Hospital on Pinterest! So please dig deep and donate now. 

If this story left you wanting to support both big and little Naomi in some way this year here are 4 quick ways to help:

Tim & Naomi have already reached their fundraising goals but there is always room for more support! I am off to help Naomi by shopping in her store and gathering up the love + support of the OMHG community and sending it her way. Please join me, every day heroism deserves celebration!



  1. Judy says:

    Naomi what a beautiful and compassionate heart you have! I’m sorry for all you’ve been going through… I will keep you and your family in my prayers and little Naomi too. I pray your thoughtfulness is returned u 100 fold and u are showered with blessings and strength for your life’s journey. God bless you and yours.

  2. Naomi Brunt says:

    Thank you to Jessika for helping me put my story into legible words and thanks for all the kind comments, prayers and thoughts. They are greatly and gratefully appreciated, especially for Little Naomi 🙂 Let’s hope 2013 is healthly for all of us! Thanks again, Naomi xxx

    • Jessika says:

      I am so happy my little bit helps you feel a little more supported! Doing good should be celebrated-ESPECIALLY when we are dealing with our own struggles. Thank you for inspiring me Naomi & we’ll all be sending love and support to you & your little friend!

  3. Naomi Brunt says:

    Thanks so much Jessika, your support and the support of your readers is so touching and gives me extra strength to carry on, and really helps me support others that need it – thanks for telling people about what we’re trying to achieve, it really appreciated 🙂 xxx

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