#OMHG – August 2: Oh My! Kitchen Party

Last week, we had a fun & informal chat about cooking, creativity and culture to kick off our Kitchen Party theme for August.  And because it’s our last #omhg chat until September, I thought I’d include a Free printable to help inspire you!

Question 1:  When you are feeling stuck or in need of comfort to spark your creativity what do you like to cook up?

  • deannamullican cookies-instant gratification RT @ohmyhandmade: When you’re stuck or in need of comfort to spark your creativity what do you cook up? #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade @TrashN2Tees And I know that when you want comfort food you call for pizza;) #omhg
  • CormierCreative I just bought a Blendtec blender. I’ve been making awesome smoothies with fresh fruits & veggies. Better than mindless snacking! #omhg
  • sparrowscript One of my favorite recipes is one for vegetarian 3-bean chili that I just came up with on my own. Tweaked it until perfect. #omhg
  • InkandDirt @TrashN2Tees Yup…I am a great finger cooker (dialing for take-out)! #omhg

Question 2: Do you connect with your culture & heritage through food? Recipes past down, memories made around the kitchen table?

  • Lu_and_Ed I have never been a grand cook (read, I suck at cooking) but I love to bake! #omhg
  • sweet_sapling @ohmyhandmade my mom wasnt much of a cook – I love making things from scratch & will teach my kids. Esp since my son has a nut allergy #omhg
  •  RocajoStudio Lots of sticky little fingers and spoons being licked 🙂 RT @CormierCreative: @ohmyhandmade Cant wait til my little 1 can bake with me #omhg
  • thelanguidlion @deannamullican I usually try new – i’m fearless & chaotic in the kitchen & my hubs is very strategic… adds up to an excellent time! #omhg

Question 3:When you are feeling stressed & overwhelmed what foods do you turn to for comfort? (chocolate croissants & coffee here!)

  • embergrass @ohmyhandmade chocolate when I’m stressed (or cold)!! Also potato or pasta based meals are great comfort food for me #omhg

***chocolate was the clear winner for this question… paired with everything from peanut butter to wine! ***

  • deannamullican tried a pressure cooker-The steam made the kitchen so fricken hot-it’s hot enough in PHX @storyofmum am smitten w my pressure cooker #omhg
  • sparrowscript @ohmyhandmade Those are the days when we go get big salad bar salads at Whole Foods. Fresh veggies make me feel healthier, calmer. #omhg

 Question 4: So this whole chat & theme for August is all about slowing down, enjoying the bounty of late summer & relaxing-how do you wind down?

  • sparrowscript @ohmyhandmade I force myself to PUT MY PHONE DOWN and stop checking Etsy every 2 seconds. #omhg
  • embergrass  @ohmyhandmade I take a bath – forces me away from work. Also my ceramics class makes me forget everything except clay! #omhg
  • storyofmum Yoga is pretty much the only way I’ve found to switch my head off #omhg

*** exercising, whether as a walk, doing yoga or kayaking was the clear winner… followed closely by reading & meditating ***

Question 5: Let’s finish off by sharing what we hope to enjoy, create & savour during the last month of summer…

  • ThreeBySea Enjoying these last few unstructured weeks w/ the kiddo before he begins to cut apron strings and starts preschool. #omhg

***LOTS of spending time with kiddies as we have quite a few omhg-ers who are M(o)ums*** 

  • TrashN2Tees I launched my Kickstarter project http://t.co/DYoSMb1c and am working like a maniac to get stock ready for the holidays #omhg
  • thelanguidlion I’m relaunching my product line & revamped & combined website on August 15th, , taking a romantic break with the hubs (sans the Boy) and hoping for rain 😉 #omhg

Also, the deadline for the Oh My! Kitchen Party Cookbook has been extended, so be sure to submit your recipes & stories about cooking + creativity tonight!

… and Jess dropped a fantastic personal bombshell on us… ever so craftily!  Read the entire transcript here to find out what it was…

Wondering what is #OMHG anyway & how you can join in? Visit our chat schedule to find out what we’re chatting about this month + what our community is all about by clicking right here.  We’re taking a break from OMHG & all our businessy goodness for the rest of August, but we’ll be back in September!


  1. Kerry says:

    What a lovely printable! I was really hoping to contribute a recipe but the last month and half has been a doozy and just getting the essentials done has been difficult.

    Thanks for the cute print Geri!

  2. Geri says:

    Kerry, being busy this month seems ti be a very common thread, so I totally understand your situation! Hopefully, the poster can ease some pf your disappointment 😉

    Colleen, me too! Have a great couple of weeks off, though 😉

    Roanne, a Chocolatier! How wonderful! Is it very different from your first career? I’m glad I can help in a small way with these recaps… the chats are so wonderful & deserve the best giftwrapping possible 😉

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