#OMHG Cupcakes! A Super Sweet Collaboration

confetti cupcakes recipe and printable, the petit cadeau, the languid lion

Editor’s note: Sometimes I get an email that makes me love this community 1000x more (hard to believe it’s even possible!). I screamed and ran around my house when I got this one-a collaboration between two #OMHG friends, Alison of The Petit Cadeau & Geri of The Languid Lion. This is not just any collab though-this one includes all the things I love best; confetti, cupcakes, creativity AND community! Thank you for being so freaking awesome ladies, lets get this party started!

Community is…a fabulous group of creatives bonding together weekly during #omhg chats. The beautiful thing about the oh my! community is that everyone cheers for, and supports one another. There is no competition or hostility, only love, a passion for handmade and JOY in celebrating and sharing creative businessy goodness!

This community is truely unique in that we are spread out all over this wonderful globe, and many of us have never been lucky enough (yet) to meet in person!

I wanted to come up with a way to create a fun and fabulous shared experience during our weekly #omhg chats, and is there a better way to celebrate this community TOGETHER than with festive cupcakes?? I don’t think so!

Here’s the plan:

confetti cupcakes recipe and printable, the petit cadeau, the languid lion

Step 1: Get your printer ink ready! Geri, the fabulous mind behind The Languid Lion has created special cupcake toppers JUST FOR US (seriously, yes!). Just look at them! Aren’t they gorgeous?? Don’t you feel so special that our #omhg community has our own little way to celebrate together!

Download the cupcake toppers here:

Step 2: Find time on Wednesday to bake these DELIGHTFUL White Chocolate Confetti celebration cupcakes created by my dear friend Cyra who writes an entire cupcake blog called Faking Fancy Cupcakes (careful! you might get addicted!) .

Here’s the recipe!

confetti cupcakes recipe and printable, the petit cadeau, the languid lion

Step 3: On Thursday, join everyone at the #omhg chat, with cupcake in hand! Don’t forget to add your celebration cupcake toppers! Even though we are countries and continents apart, we can all share this one little celebration TOGETHER.

confetti cupcakes recipe and printable, the petit cadeau, the languid lion

Community = Togetherness

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Alison is the creator of The Petit Cadeau Blog and shares weekly inspiration for thoughtful gift giving, including handmade gift ideas, and pretty ideas for DIY gift wrap and greeting cards. Alison LOVES to support handmade and local business and plans to launch her own product line in the very near future!



  1. Cyra says:

    My cupcakes have never been more beautiful! I wish you were here in Hali with me to take pics of my creations! FAB post! And how timely with one’s own reason to celebrate just 2 days away:) xxox

  2. @Joy – hope you enjoy!
    @ashley – I haven’t met a cupcake I didn’t like either!
    @karen – for realz!!
    @Geri – awesome job making such FAB printables for us all to enjoy!
    @Cyra – THANK YOU for creating such wonderful cupcake recipes, and for letting me share this one!

  3. LarsLove says:

    I didn’t think it was possible but both my Cupcake and design brains are loving this post. I am wondering about the level of deliciousness. From here I would say probably a 10/10

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