#OMHG – Dec. 13, 2012: Finding Peace & Shining Your Light


Following on from Tracey Selingo’s post on Wednesday, where she shared a downloadable prayer for the creatives among us, Tracy continued her zen as co-host and we were all peaceful, enlightened and even had a wish for a “sprinkle-tastic explosion of love & kindness” (hence the sparkly cupcakes up there)!

Question 1: What’s the first thing you do for yourself every day?

  • @ThreeBySea: I am a fan of the short meditation sessions, although I find it works better AFTER kiddo is off to school & Im alone #omhg
  • MarisaEdghill First I get my husband out the door, then I use his commute time as me time. Peaceful coffee. Blog reading. Try to work same hours! #omhg
  •  ohmyhandmade I also bike the girls to school-I tell you biking 250lbs up & downhill in the morning is a sure-fire way to way ALL the way up #omhg
  • @traceyselingo Everyone’s responses boil down to one thing; being with YOU. Call it what you want, it makes all the
  • @sarahjanesroom: try to sit for a few quiet minutes after the oldest goes off on the bus – warm drink + a book #omhg
  •  erinmharris I check Twitter before starting job hunting stuff, then put on good music. #OMHG
  •  chapterandpage_good music early on in the day makes all the difference, i’ll second that! #omhg
  •  @TrashN2TeesNote to self. (re:@traceyselingo: When you set your intention, the Universe responds.)

Question #2: How do you remember your magic when things are hard or stressful? What brings you back to yourself?

  • kittyscuriosity @ohmyhandmade Sometimes all it takes is looking at the physical part of what I do — the feeling of accomplishment is pretty magical. #omhg
  • thelanguidlion Being physically away with the hubs 😉 RT@ohmyhandmade: How do u remembr ur magic when things r hard/stressful? What brings u bk 2 u? #Omhg
  • ohmyhandmade Being of service always lightens my heart-holding a door, making someone smile, connecting the dots, sharing a hug root me in myself #omhg
  • @ColleenAttara Shifting focus allows my subconscious to work it out.
  • ColleenAttara I remember my magic by coming to a stop. I stop moving and doing. I focus on just being. The stillness helps me get back to me. #omhg
  • sarahjanesroom getting out of the house, by myself. Walking, driving, meal at a restaurant, at a cafe with a book. Solo time. #omhg
  • AprilHeatherArt Spin class is good–sweat it out! @ohmyhandmade: How do u remembr ur magic when things r hard/stressful? What brings u bk 2 u? #Omhg
  • @C_Vanderlinden Deciding to focus on ONE thing at a time, even if just for a few minutes, makes a huge difference as well.
  • CarlaHeirlooms a walk with hubby & his camera brings me back #omhg
  • traceyselingo When I get stressed/tired I retreat to the space to figure it out. Quiet. Cooking. Walking. #omhg
  • ThreeBySea Making others laugh or smile makes me happy. Snuggles on the couch work too. #omhg

Question #3: What are you going to commit to doing today to celebrate & support your magic?

  • laalicia going to call today to schedule myself for a massage… #omhg
  • sarahjanesroom walk with my girl this afternoon in the sunshine, make something pretty in the studio after dinner! #omhg
  • JoyCharde I’m definitely going to do some good old drawing in the sketchbook… does my heart and mind good. #omhg
  • ThreeBySea  Disinfect the crap out of my house & then write up a post for a funny holiday postcard printable I’m sharing #omhg
  • kittyscuriosity  I’m updating my shop! It’s been longer than I’d like since I last updated, and it always gives me a lift. #omhg
  • MarisaEdghill Making Christmas mice – (Christmouses?) #omhg
  • C_Vanderlinden Clean my desk (it’s here somewhere…) and work out a schedule for finishing a coupe of projects I’m working on. #omhg
  • erinmharris  I haven’t made anything in a while, and now that the craft table is clean, it’s calling to me again. 🙂 #OMHG

I think Jess summed up the chat pretty well:

Remember how brightly you shine & make room to see how truly magic you are & have ALL you need right now-things are golden.– Jessika, @ohmyhandmade

You can get the rest of the peace & zen from the chat & read the full transcript here.

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