#OMHG Feb 16: Collaboration + Creativity=Community

We had an action packed #OMHG chat on Thursday sparked by Jenelle’s post about starting an OMHG Etsy team. Lots of friends visited to share their ideas, excitement and also potential concerns about choosing Etsy as the place for our community building. I have a pile of thinking to do and reflecting on everyone’s insight but the two things that stand out as amazing to me is everyone’s willingness to speak their mind and look out for OMHG, each other and myself! The second is how we share similar values about what this community is-inclusive, open, & welcoming to all. It is  proof of the strength of our community and the friendships we have built!

Read the transcript of our chat and then head on over to Jenelle’s post to join in the ongoing conversation-would you like to be part of an OMHG team on Etsy or right here on the site? Have some ideas for how we could make it the best team ever? We want to hear them!  Read our transcript here. 

Now come join the conversation!