#OMHG February 2 – Love it up!

#omhg February 2, 2012

In keeping with our theme this month, the chat topic was all about “Love”!  Celebrating everything that we love… family, friends, and guilty pleasures (dessert for me).

Until next week, “Love it up”, folks!

#OMHG Highlights:

My newest love – a bacon and chocolate bar <—hungry over here I guess @moxielisa

@ohmyhandmade I love things that cause a tangible (+) mood shift, eg. bright colors, patterns, 80s music, and OF COURSE coffee @zoe_rooney

I love afternoon milk tea, Spring thaws, wandering in a new-to-me city, the feeling of sand between my toes, a good book…   @Omiyage_ca

I love sunshine and chocolate 🙂  @embergrass

I love sewing, cups of tea, making puppets, afternoon walks & baby kisses!  @cupcakes4clara

I love feeding/making friends, being silly, making things alone late at night & together with many hands, I love leaping recklessly… @ohmyhandmade

@ohmyhandmade I love leaping recklessly, so exhilarating @isa_noisette

I also love reading a good book. I’d stay up all night to read as many chapters as possible. @RocajoStudio

Oddly enough, I really love fixing things that seem completely broken…esp. around the house @traceyselingo

These days my 3 y-o do random dancing with me. Very fun & I just love how my mind feels fresh afterwards. Yoga? No need with that kid! @studioroseflash

Read the whole chat here.


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