#OMHG February 23: nurturing our creative sparks

Light your creativity on fire – today’s chat was hot!  We had the lovely ladies of @SparkRetreat join us as we talked about nurturing our creative sparks on today’s chat.  Don’t forget to check out the upcoming Spark: Creative Entrepreneur Retreat happening in May 3-7th. Plus, our most awesome #omhg editor, Jessika Hepburn will be a speaker along with the amazing Alexandra Franzen.  So exciting!  Also, if you would like to help a creative entrepreneur attend the retreat, support the Spark Retreat Scholarship.

Here’s to nurturing those creative sparks!

#OMHG Highlights:

@SparkRetreat my creativity comes from allowing myself to step back and stop working when needed or focus on something else  – @embergrass

learning something new helps spark my creativity  – @SparkRetreat

@SparkRetreat the more projects, the better i work. my creativity flows when i allow myself to be still  – @traceyselingo

i’m most creative under deadline but just getting out of my studio and exploring is key to keeping fresh – @paperparade

@SparkRetreat Flexibility for me. Give me structure and my creativity disappears! – @NoisetteAcademy

Procrastination is bad for creativity, as is having too many ideas. You arrive at a standstill (and we all know that’s not good!) – @RocajoStudio

Sparks need flexibility not rigidity-there needs to be room for life to happen not to force things & make it awkward/painful to create – @ohmyhandmade

@SparkRetreat failure/mistakes are part of the creative process. You need to get all the junk out before the good stuff comes – @myCHILDish

Sometimes procrastination is just that…you gotta put that creative spark under your butt & JUST START!  – @ThreeBySea

To help break procrastination, keep track of how you spend your time for a few days. you have more time than you think – @SparkRetreat

Awesome chat (as always), so don’t forget to check out the whole transcript right here. ***the curatED program that we use to publish our chats is having tech difficulties so I can’t publish the full transcript will update as soon as I can-jess***

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