#OMHG February 9 – Biz Love-how we show our business loving

Today’s chat topic was inspired by the lovely Isa of @NoisetteAcademy and her wonderful post – “4 ways to put more heart into your business“.  I absolutely love the last paragraph of her post:

Making sure your heart and soul come through in your marketing is the best way for people to understand your business, products and how you are unique from your competitors. Keep this in mind when you write website copy and product descriptions. Instead of trying to be someone you’re not, use your own voice and watch your business shine!

I’m sure many of you have experienced the feeling of going through life at 100 miles an hour.  We are racing to do so many things that we sometimes forget to give love and attention to ourselves.  So this week, take the time to give yourself some love (my love comes in the form of sugary treats).  Then take that same love + passion and interject it into your business and watch amazing things happen!

#OMHG Highlights:

@ohmyhandmade Found that bringing my heart into biz means *really* listening to my customers..often more than just about the product.  @alissajacobs

I believe showing your love/heart is an imperative to building my business.  @deannamullican

my heart/love = passion what drives the biz, it goes hand and hand w/ my brand. i think its very important   @TrashN2Tees

I think being genuinely passionate about what you do automatically brings heart into your business  @leanimale

Being open and honest is key. You don’t have to tell your life story, but people like to know about you and your passion  @jhpapers

Passion drives us to put our best work forward time and time again. @traceyselingo

You need to love yourself to be able to trust your judgment and have courage in your convictions.  @NoisetteAcademy

Putting our hearts out there is not supposed to be easy BUT its the only way to call your community/ideal client to you. @ohmyhandmade

@ohmyhandmade I like to think so! I love what I work on so much, that I *hope* my passion, drive & heart shines through.  @cupcakes4clara

we need to be loud + proud of achievements + successes! @PoppySparkles

The transcript has so much biz love goodness that you really should read it right here.


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