#OMHG January 5: Taking Stock & Looking Ahead

#omhg twitter party transcript

At our Thursday #omhg chat we spent some time summing up our 2011 experience and sharing our dreams for what 2012 will hold. Some truly brilliant insights were shared, some of the highlights are below or you can read the whole transcript here.

Let’s start off our visit with taking stock on how we feel about 2011-do you have a word/phrase/quote to sum up your year? 

My 2011 was about transformation and trust, not necessarily in that order. #omhg traceyselingo

2011 for me was about beginnings. Realizing what I do has worth. #omhg PeanutPistachio

It’s when we finally let go from deep within that magic can then enter. #omhg pigandfish

my 2011 was definitely about realizing my mistakes, & I’m determined to make 2012 about using that knowledge to grow & change #omhg twillypop

it looks like you were sharing your words for 2012. i’m embracing failure. I’m going to push boundaries, expect failure, and learn. #omhg lightboxsf

My take away from 2011: Just go for it! Life is too short. #omhg JoyCharde

So now we’re gearing up-fresh new year, fresh new goals. What do you dream for 2012, what do you need from this year? 

my 2012 is going to be able building positive relationships in business and life #omhg MoxieLisa

I need lots experimentation, clarity, authencity & humor in 2012. #omhg ThreeBySea

I’m dreaming big for 2012 too. Expand my range, increase sales, get an agent & a picture book deal. Positivity – 2012 WILL be amazing! #omhg cupcakes4clara

sat down & wrote goals for 2012 w/ pencil & paper -remember those? it felt good to see it on paper #omhg me & my notebooks 😉 TrashN2Tees

I was chatting with some friends earlier how I hated the word resolution… making plans feels much more positive and productive #omhg studioroseflash

@ohmyhandmade 2012 for me is all about simplifying and focusing on what I love the most- empowering others & being there for my family #omhg isa_noisette

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