#OMHG – July 19: Being Awesome with your Blog

Last week’s chat was co-hosted by Brett Torrey Haynes of I AM THE LAB, whose site is “dedicated to helping the handmade community utilize every resource available to encourage folks to think handmade first.”  His post on Oh My! Handmade Goodness not only revealed his wonderful project #ICANDOIT365, but it was also peppered with great tips on how to utilize your blog for your handmade business.

… and with Jessika at the helm, so it all continued during the chat!


  • thekitty Am turning to blog for my jewelry shop .. but not sure what to blog about .. kind of lost lol #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade Diversifying content is great! RT @IAMTHELAB: First: besides your art, do you have another favorite passion? Cooking? Other crafts? #omhg
  • leanimale I have a challenge with thinking too much about it and second guessing myself about what I want to write. #omhg
  • @thepetitcadeau:follow blogs that interest you. that INSPIRE YOU! find bloggers that you feel connected w/ great things will come! #omhg
  • IAMTHELAB #omhg People love to see your process. Take a photo at the end of your creative day, post that image tomorrow. You just blogged! #omhg



  • nisseworks @ohmyhandmade Content & connections. I’m always afraid of offending/turning people off if I use *my* voice #omhg
  • @blstationery: I dont think comments should define ur success or discourage you if there arent a lot. Keep your voice in ur posts. #omhg
  • thelanguidlion You have to stand out from millions of other blogs by using YOUR voice, YOUR content (or at least your spin on it) & by being engaging #omhg
  • abbyglassenberg Building a following is building hundreds of human relationships, thru responding to comments, emails, having an authentic voice. #omhg

OMHGchat Be conscious about the way you share & consume online content & what you send out into the world-it comes back to you! #ethicsmatter #omhg


OMHGchat A giant thanks to @IAMTHELAB for co-hosting & sharing the #icandoit365 project with us! http://t.co/2L8FhPqr <-more info here #omhg

You can also read the entire transcript here.

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