#OMHG – MARCH 15: The Ethics of Pinterest + Sharing Online

If you haven’t yet, go ahead and read this post by our co-host, Anile (@anile) – “Pinterest Ethics: Questioning, Considering and Doing Our Homework“.  Ok, done reading?  Now, get ready  to read a lively (and super informative) discussion about Pinterest and sharing on the web.  As always, I’ve only posted some of the highlights here, but check out the whole transcript to enjoy the whole conversation. Plus be sure to join us tomorrow for our chat with co-host Diane of CraftyPod on crafty blogging boundaries based on her awesome guest post!

#OMHG Highlights:

Tip: If you are a blogger /creator/website owner, take advantage and clearly share your permission policies on your site – @anile

Since the issues have come up I only pin from sites that have a pin it button or have a #pinterest icon on their site – @mylovebugbaby

it seems for now as users we have to give credit and remind others that it’s the way things should get done. – @lightboxsf

I actually don’t mind folks pinning my work. More concerned about pinterest having ability to sell as their own – @CreationbySasha

Creators of content can work to advocate for ethical sharing on a larger scale-projects eg. @linkwithlove & http://t.co/HX3XSR1o – @ohmyhandmade

@ohmyhandmade images are only owned by the creator unless they are licensed. it’s not right to force sharing, no? – @traceyselingo

Privacy settings on Pinterest would solve all our problems. Share what is allowed,keep private what youre unsure of. – @BessCallard

@tkpleslie @embergrass If only using images you are licensed to and you’re ok with TOU, no reason to stop using Pinterest. – @anile

Alternatives to Pinterest: @imgspark and @dropmark. Both allow you to keep your collections private. – @anile

much bigger issue is being able to opt-out, pinners respecting others wishes. Traffic is not a justification.  – @anile

I have just decided to go back to making inspiration folders on my computer…tried and true 😉 – @MoxieLisa

Check out the rest of the conversation here.

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