#OMHG – MARCH 15: Blogging Boundaries with Diane of Crafty Pod

Exciting talk last Thursday!  We had the wonderful Diane (@SisterDiane) of Crafty Pod co-host the interesting topic of blogging boundaries based on her guest post: “How Much Marketing Should Craft Bloggers Do for Craft Companies?“.  Read the post and then take the time to read the chat transcript because it is full of great information.   Whether you’ve been a craft blogger for a while or you are thinking about starting a craft blog, the chat with Diane is definitely worth the read!

Also, try to make it to the chat on Thursday, March 29th  because the awesome Jena Coray of Miss Modish (@Miss_Modish) will be co-hosting the chat and we will be discussing her guest post on ethical pitching/marketing + her Top Top Pitch Kit that will be published tomorrow.  Hope to see you there!

#OMHG Highlights:

@TheSickChick I like the idea of valuation based on eyeballs/readership: companies “get” that. #omhg – @SisterDiane

Mine is crafty http://t.co/LSaV0RB2 But it functions as a support for my shop. I don’t get pitches but I do get requests. –  @MarisaEdghill

@SisterDiane As far as equal exchange, I am with you, the ability to do good for something I believe in counts a lot more than $. – @TheSickChick

I’m finding it really interesting how often publishers and other craft co’s want to do giveaways on blogs nowadays. – @SisterDiane

@SisterDiane @ohmyhandmade Giveaways really seem like a waste if you’re trying to build a true customer base/readership – @threebysea

When u blog u need to be fully transparent if u earn money & how #omhg Do u have disclosure policy? @TheDesignTrust use http://t.co/n6v3lt0f@TheDesignTrust

I like to run my own giveaways when I launch a new product range – for my own readers who are really supportive. – @cupcakes4clara

My Mom did an interesting giveaway – chose among those who had commented on her blog w/in last 30 days. Didn’t announce it; just gave. – @SisterDiane

I think great marketing is a gift-the value of a gift is in its surprise, if you constantly offer free the gift looses meaning – @ohmyhandmade

It’s really helped me to formulate a boilerplate pitch-response email that outlines the exchange I want to make… – @SisterDiane

I enjoy sponsored content which is subtle rather than overt. Seamless content (DIY tutorial?) rather than straight review. – MarisaEdghill

I have also published our ethics statement for OMHG right here-need a disclosure policy too http://t.co/7hqUskio@ohmyhandmade

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the conversation here.

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