#omhg – March 8: Personal/Professional Ethics

#omhg, entrepreneur ethics

The internet is such a great tool to use to share your creative business with the rest of the world.  Personally, my creative business would not be what it is today without the internet.  Plus, I have met and made some great friends through the world wide web.  With the awesomeness of the internet comes the negative aspects of endless spam, copyright infringement, the disregard to give credit where credit is due…  The need for a Code of Ethics is even more relevant now than ever.  The chat last Thursday was about personal/professional ethics and how it affects our creative business.  It was interesting to see what the #omhg community had to say about their personal and professional practices when it comes to interacting on the web.

Have thoughts or ideas to add?  Share them here: “We the Makers: A Plea for a Code of Ethics Online“.

#OMHG Highlights:

I treat everyone w/ the respect & kindness that I wish to be treated with -NOT easy w/ everyone, but I sleep great!  – @thelanguidlion

@anile Yes! That is the thing about ethics-they aren’t around to make life easier, making ethical choices is HARD work – @ohmyhandmade

fade your watermarks into product photos/be creative but don’t overpower your image  @TrashN2Tees

I make my ethics part of my biz by treating everyone as respectfully & compassionately as I can & being open to new – @ohmyhandmade

I try to be respectful and I steer clear of negativity, call-outs, bashing & the like. – @leanimle

I just want to treat others how I’d like to be treated – with respect for their work 🙂 – @anile

What bothers me is the anger that arises when people try to discuss ethical questions-its not about attacking but being heard – @ohmyhandmade

For some reason people feel judged or threatened by people who stand up for what they believe – @noisetteacademy

We draw from common inspirations / collective experiences, sometimes it’s difficult to determine if a copy or happens to be similar. @Omiyage_ca

I hope you check out the rest of the conversation here.

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