In the most uplifting #omhg chat yet we share our definitions of what community is, feels like, how to build it and where to find it. It was a lively chat, with some great insights, funny observations, heartfelt declarations and, of course, food!  Cupcakes, in particular 😉 You can view the whole transcript of the chat by visiting here.

  • Community is… A big hug when you’re down. A kick in the pants when you’re not living up to your potential. A listening ear. #omhg @MarisaEdghill
  • @ohmyhandmade Support. Tough love. Encouragement. Generosity. Kindness. #omhg @leanimale
  • Community to me = giving and receiving kindness + support, being among your “right people” #omhg clareyuille
  • @ohmyhandmade Community is generosity with time, thoughts, and support. Not just cheerleading, but constructively critiquing. #omhg @anile
  • I love that so many answers include “kindness” – yes! Community should be full of kindness! Heart to heart! #omhg @designcoyote
  • Why compete when we can cooperate! RT @kittyscuriosity: @designcoyote Agreed! Even with competition between members, kindness is key #omhg @ohmyhandmade
  • Agreed! RT @designcoyote: So basically what Im getting from these tweets is that #omhg is the BEST community ever. <3 #iloveyouguys #omhg @ohmyhandmade

  • So we know what community IS. What does community feel like? I’ll start. Community feels like…being home, known & loved for myself #omhg @ohmyhandmade
  • @ohmyhandmade Community feels like the comfort of being able to be yourself. A warm embrace. Support and love. #omhg @kittyscuriosity
  • Fabulous distinction! RT @kittyscuriosity: @designcoyote I should add, not just yourself, but your *best* self. #omhg @ohmyhandmade
  • Community feels like an uplifting of the spirit, a rejuvenation, a family. It feels like inspirational motivation to do good! #omhg @designcoyote
  • Community feels like… being with your family & all the support it brings, but you shut the door at night, if you want #omhg @thelanguidlion
  • Community feels like somewhere you can be yourself – positive & negative, without being judged. A place to grow. #omhg @cupcakes4clara
  • Community feels like warm sunshine ☼ on your skin #omhg @birdbags

  • Community feels like SmartWool socks – cozy, warm, snuggly + happy (b/c you don’t have cold feet!) #omhg @pigandfish
  • Community feels like….overwhelming amounts of inspiration (in a good way!) #omhg @thepetitcadeau
  • Yes! Community feels like coming home after a long journey… Lots of hugs #omhg @JoyCharde
  • Community feels like your ready to try it without the training wheels! #omhg @InkandDirt
  • Where do you go to find what community is/feels like for you? #omhg @ohmyhandmade
  • Community = #omhg @LoveLeeSoaps
  • Here. #omhg makes me feel great about myself and where my business is going, even if I’m struggling. Thank you, friends! @designcoyote
  • often not in the places I expect! Usually appears when out of comfort zone @ohmyhandmade Whr do u go 2 find what community feels like #omhg @manusmade
  • Community = opportunity to grow. True for both cases, you fit in or not. #omhg @pigandfish
  • @ohmyhandmade I am working on it! Building a co-op of makers in one space where they can work, learn and support each other is my goal #omhg @MoxieLisa
  • @ohmyhandmade I also have a regular skype date with a few fellow biz ladies – I can’t get into town often so it’s a great compromise! #omhg @anile
  • I’ve recently found a wonderful community filled with love and support on the #SFEtsy Street Team #omhg @birdbags
  • Need help getting started? Oldie but goodie from the archives:http://t.co/ltVmN5jw 60 ways to build community #omhg @ohmyhandmade
  • You build community by engaging & being friendly & building a presence & stepping outside your comfort zone. Reach out to peers! #omhg @designcoyote
  • I used to build community by inviting/feeding people met though random encounters-good food, community=community #omhg @stephdouglas
  • I think building community = setting up a shared culture. In our shop this= a warm welcome, love of colour + handmade items and cake! #omhg @clareyuille

Editors Note: Sarah of My CHILDish took me up on my call to create a poster from last weeks chat and made us 3 11×17 posters! Between her awesome prints and Geri’s lovely printable we have the best #OMHG highlights ever. Download Geri’s wonderful print and Sarah’s #OMHG Community posters by clicking any of the images. Thank you ladies and a big welcome to Geri as a new contributor! 



  1. Stephanie Douglas says:

    Geri – great capture of a wonderful conversation on the meaning of community and just how much community there is in omhg. Thanks!

  2. Stephanie Douglas says:

    PS – Lovely download as well-would love to use it as a handout in my workshops on culture, diversity and community-is there anyway I can do this? I’d need one with your name and copyright clearer on the bottom. Thanks.

  3. Nanako says:

    Yay! This is so wonderful – thank you so much Geri & Sarah!! I kept telling my clone to work on a poster as well, but she’s been busy too! I wish I had more time to chill & hang with this awesome community because every time I do – I leave feeling refreshed & inspired!!

  4. Geri says:

    @jenelle awww… *blushing*… my Mum always says I should aspire more to show the gorgeous – I guess she’s right 😉

    @stephanie thanks so much – I was a bit nervous about the print as not everyone shares the same aesthetics, but glad to hear I got the essence right!
    I’m not sure about the whole copyright stuff as I’ve done it for OMHG – over to you, Jess!

    @nanako clones are great to have – I wish I had one 😉 and, busy is good, too! It’s always great to have you join the discussions, though – you always bring such… je ne sais quoi & fabulousness to the table!

  5. Lori-Ann says:

    It is warm and welcoming here.
    And now, there is gorgeous (and downloadable, printable) proof! As if we needed more.
    Way to go, Geri and Sarah!
    And thanks for building the platform, Jessika!

  6. Geri Jewitt says:

    @Nikki My pleasure!
    @Lori-Ann Yes! Thank so very much to Jessika for bringing us all together to be able to enjoy such a great community 😉
    @Kerry Whenever you can make it – we’d love to have you!
    @Joy thanks, and congrats on such a success at the show & for paving such a great path for me to follow here 😉

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