In the most uplifting #omhg chat yet we share our definitions of what community is, feels like, how to build it and where to find it. It was a lively chat, with some great insights, funny observations, heartfelt declarations and, of course, food!  Cupcakes, in particular 😉 You can view the whole transcript of the chat by visiting here.

  • Community is… A big hug when you’re down. A kick in the pants when you’re not living up to your potential. A listening ear. #omhg @MarisaEdghill
  • @ohmyhandmade Support. Tough love. Encouragement. Generosity. Kindness. #omhg @leanimale
  • Community to me = giving and receiving kindness + support, being among your “right people” #omhg clareyuille
  • @ohmyhandmade Community is generosity with time, thoughts, and support. Not just cheerleading, but constructively critiquing. #omhg @anile
  • I love that so many answers include “kindness” – yes! Community should be full of kindness! Heart to heart! #omhg @designcoyote
  • Why compete when we can cooperate! RT @kittyscuriosity: @designcoyote Agreed! Even with competition between members, kindness is key #omhg @ohmyhandmade
  • Agreed! RT @designcoyote: So basically what Im getting from these tweets is that #omhg is the BEST community ever. <3 #iloveyouguys #omhg @ohmyhandmade

  • So we know what community IS. What does community feel like? I’ll start. Community feels like…being home, known & loved for myself #omhg @ohmyhandmade
  • @ohmyhandmade Community feels like the comfort of being able to be yourself. A warm embrace. Support and love. #omhg @kittyscuriosity
  • Fabulous distinction! RT @kittyscuriosity: @designcoyote I should add, not just yourself, but your *best* self. #omhg @ohmyhandmade
  • Community feels like an uplifting of the spirit, a rejuvenation, a family. It feels like inspirational motivation to do good! #omhg @designcoyote
  • Community feels like… being with your family & all the support it brings, but you shut the door at night, if you want #omhg @thelanguidlion
  • Community feels like somewhere you can be yourself – positive & negative, without being judged. A place to grow. #omhg @cupcakes4clara
  • Community feels like warm sunshine ☼ on your skin #omhg @birdbags

  • Community feels like SmartWool socks – cozy, warm, snuggly + happy (b/c you don’t have cold feet!) #omhg @pigandfish
  • Community feels like….overwhelming amounts of inspiration (in a good way!) #omhg @thepetitcadeau
  • Yes! Community feels like coming home after a long journey… Lots of hugs #omhg @JoyCharde
  • Community feels like your ready to try it without the training wheels! #omhg @InkandDirt
  • Where do you go to find what community is/feels like for you? #omhg @ohmyhandmade
  • Community = #omhg @LoveLeeSoaps
  • Here. #omhg makes me feel great about myself and where my business is going, even if I’m struggling. Thank you, friends! @designcoyote
  • often not in the places I expect! Usually appears when out of comfort zone @ohmyhandmade Whr do u go 2 find what community feels like #omhg @manusmade
  • Community = opportunity to grow. True for both cases, you fit in or not. #omhg @pigandfish
  • @ohmyhandmade I am working on it! Building a co-op of makers in one space where they can work, learn and support each other is my goal #omhg @MoxieLisa
  • @ohmyhandmade I also have a regular skype date with a few fellow biz ladies – I can’t get into town often so it’s a great compromise! #omhg @anile
  • I’ve recently found a wonderful community filled with love and support on the #SFEtsy Street Team #omhg @birdbags
  • Need help getting started? Oldie but goodie from the archives:http://t.co/ltVmN5jw 60 ways to build community #omhg @ohmyhandmade
  • You build community by engaging & being friendly & building a presence & stepping outside your comfort zone. Reach out to peers! #omhg @designcoyote
  • I used to build community by inviting/feeding people met though random encounters-good food, community=community #omhg @stephdouglas
  • I think building community = setting up a shared culture. In our shop this= a warm welcome, love of colour + handmade items and cake! #omhg @clareyuille

Editors Note: Sarah of My CHILDish took me up on my call to create a poster from last weeks chat and made us 3 11×17 posters! Between her awesome prints and Geri’s lovely printable we have the best #OMHG highlights ever. Download Geri’s wonderful print and Sarah’s #OMHG Community posters by clicking any of the images. Thank you ladies and a big welcome to Geri as a new contributor! 



  1. Stephanie Douglas says:

    PS – Lovely download as well-would love to use it as a handout in my workshops on culture, diversity and community-is there anyway I can do this? I’d need one with your name and copyright clearer on the bottom. Thanks.

  2. Nanako says:

    Yay! This is so wonderful – thank you so much Geri & Sarah!! I kept telling my clone to work on a poster as well, but she’s been busy too! I wish I had more time to chill & hang with this awesome community because every time I do – I leave feeling refreshed & inspired!!

  3. Geri says:

    @jenelle awww… *blushing*… my Mum always says I should aspire more to show the gorgeous – I guess she’s right 😉

    @stephanie thanks so much – I was a bit nervous about the print as not everyone shares the same aesthetics, but glad to hear I got the essence right!
    I’m not sure about the whole copyright stuff as I’ve done it for OMHG – over to you, Jess!

    @nanako clones are great to have – I wish I had one 😉 and, busy is good, too! It’s always great to have you join the discussions, though – you always bring such… je ne sais quoi & fabulousness to the table!

  4. Geri Jewitt says:

    @Nikki My pleasure!
    @Lori-Ann Yes! Thank so very much to Jessika for bringing us all together to be able to enjoy such a great community 😉
    @Kerry Whenever you can make it – we’d love to have you!
    @Joy thanks, and congrats on such a success at the show & for paving such a great path for me to follow here 😉

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