#OMHG – MAY 31: Spring Cleaning our Biznests

Last week’s #OMHG chat was all about how we keep our biz nests tidy (or don’t!) from digital work spaces to physical ones.  Come to find out, a LOT of create in a whirlwind of mess and have fits of tidying (when schedules, life & energy allow) and some of us simply cannot create unless their space is uber-tidy.

And true to the #omhg community, Sarah of @myCHILDish kicked off a flurry of workspace snapshots, as they were at the time of the chat… some messy, some tidy, but all of them true reflections of our own biznests.

Oh, and even though Nikki of Design Coyote wasn’t able to be at the chat, I asked her if she could create the main part of the printable in her free time as she’s such a talented illustrator… and she graciously (& fabulously, I might add) did!

The thought bubbles are filled with pics that were submitted during the chat by Shae of @skoopehome & Karen Jansen of @InkandDirt, respectively (the file folders were from mine) – thanks so much to them for letting us use them.

Talk about a great community!

  • Time to chat cleaning out the old to make way for the new + keeping our biznests all tidy! #omhg ohmyhandmade
  • @ohmyhandmade I hate picking up! Usually leave it for later and do it all at once. #omhg myCHILDish
  • I try to do one ‘big’ chore a day – tidy living room, dishes, clean the yard – no matter what. Teaches my 3 y/o responsibility. #omhg nisseworks
  • it’s hard to stop and clean up but ironically i work better in a clean space #omhg skoopehome
  • My work space is a constant ‘mess’ – I leave numerous design ideas laid out on my beading mat. Gets chaotic after a while! #omhg PoppySparkles
  • I have a picture of a cheetah on my keyboard to remind me to take one task to the finish line at a time, not lots at once #omhg clareyuille
  • I think making a mess is part of the creative mind, no? Somehow finding beauty & order amidst the chaos… #omhg thelanguidlion
  • Popping in to say hello! I’m a mess-maker extraordinaire. Used to feel bad b/c of it, but piles are just part of my personality! 🙂 #omhg miss_modish
  • I read that some creatives see their messy workspace as a badge of honor. That’s me. #omhg myCHILDish
  • What inspires you to tidy your nest up? I put on loud music, bust out the lavender oil & open all the windows-sunny days are best! #omhg ohmyhandmade
  • @ohmyhandmade I am motivated by the thought of someone seeing my mess! Visitors coming = time to tidy!! #omhg MarisaEdghill
  • frustration is what lights the fire under me. after I step on a few rogue needles, i know its cleanup time lol #omhg skoopehome
  • @ohmyhandmade Music for me too; I dance around while I clean and try to thoroughly do one area at a time to feel productive. #omhg kittyscuriosity
  • Yikes, afraid to say but we clean up before naps and before bed. Everything back in its place-I mean everything or else I can’t relax #omhg InkandDirt
  • @MayiCarles neat freak extraordinaire made this awesome illustrated guide to keeping our space tidyhttp://t.co/hChme5kG #omhg ohmyhandmade

Jess asked us if we had a dedicated workspace/biznest & Sarah from myCHILDish kicked off the workspace-as-it-currently-is image uploads 😉

  • THIS is my workspace! I dare others to share #nightmare myCHILDish #omhg  http://t.co/MIXCHYyM <—- workspace image 😉
  •  work in the kitchen. Photograph in the living room. Pack & craft in the dining room. Office please! #omhg MarisaEdghill
  • i have a home studio complete with rainbow curtains and orange walls. #omhg TrashN2Tees
  • I sort of do – a corner of my bedroom where I have my desk and equipment. But I am often tempted to venture to the sofa! #omhg xThreadBEARx
  • I’m in 3 rooms – living room has the computer, kitchen has the sewing machine, laundry room has fabric/cutting space. #omhg nisseworks
  • @mychildish hehe this is mine right now, it has been worse :s embergrass #omhg  http://t.co/SChyzNPj <—- workspace image 😉
  • I have a desk in our open plan living room, let’s me work + keep an eye on the kids so it really is a “home”-office 🙂 #omhg RocajoStudio
  • I dream of having a summerhouse in the garden as my office/studio #omhg ZoeandDrew
  • Made our office look like this in January. Disaster now, but glad we did it, feel like real biz people! clareyuille #omhg  http://t.co/Q1Zzc5E2 <—- workspace image 😉
  • @ZoeandDrew that does sound dreamy! I’m working on making our backyard shed into a little writer’s cabin! Someday… #omhg miss_modish
  • Messy studio workspace #rightnow TrashN2Tees #omhg http://t.co/qZyl8HJd <—- workspace image 😉
  • @myCHILDish There ya go! Notice how nothing’s on the floor? Charlie-Boy gives great incentive thelanguidlion #omhg http://t.co/HucbMVnO <—- workspace image 😉
  • Here’s mine. I have no space so I take the floor! parscaeli #omhg http://t.co/oOehScQc <—- workspace image 😉
  • My workspace, just now nisseworks #omhg http://t.co/RgdXP8Vd <—- workspace image 😉
  • Here is my space  InkandDirt #omhg http://t.co/7SGuGS3j <—- workspace image 😉
  • my mess as of 1 minute ago skoopehome #omhg http://t.co/IZoXp4Fl <—- workspace image 😉
  • Lets talk about spring cleaning virtual messes! What does the desktop of your computer currently look like? #omhg ohmyhandmade
  • before i clean up anything i need to tackle my inbox. currently 800 unread messages (not work related) that I’m thinking need to go. #omhg traceyselingo
  • @ohmyhandmade are you asking about dried coffee drops on the keyboard? #omhg TrashN2Tees
  • @ohmyhandmade Not too bad. I learned long ago to keep folders organized. Hate cluttered digital desktops. #omhg nisseworks
  • @ohmyhandmade weird but my computer is always pristinely organized, aside from the 100 tabs I always have open on browser #omhg embergrass
  • I have a whole hard drive section dedicated to organized files. I have a hierarchy of folders that works really well for me. #omhg kittyscuriosity
  • How interesting! Most people keep their digital workspaces clean & their physical space cluttered…insight into the creative mind:) #omhg ohmyhandmade
  • @ohmyhandmade organization…music to my crazy anal ears 😉 #omhg MoxieLisa
  • What are your favourite tools for staying organized? Aside from lists-I know we all make lists;) #omhg ohmyhandmade
  • @ohmyhandmade notebooks and binders…and my iPad #omhg MoxieLisa
  • I keep my mind organized with Evernote. 🙂 I still use post-it notes (we are BFF), but a lot less now. They don’t have search function #omhg RocajoStudio
  • @ohmyhandmade clear totes & clothing racks #omhg TrashN2Tees
  • Many notebooks, and we painted a chalkboard on the office wall. Got rid of it at first but we were lost! #omhg clareyuille
  • I’m still old-school… good ole grid paper for illustrating, SEVERAL notebooks/pads for ideas & To-Dos, my iPhone Notes for randoms #omhg thelanguidlion
  • I also have board about brilliant things to help life be more ordered and clean http://t.co/ic5nFhim#omhg tickleandsmash
  • @thelanguidlion I use notepads for everything too, if I physically write it, it sinks in more than if I type it somehow! #omhg miss_modish
  • @miss_modish @thelanguidlion yes! i have tons of cute notepads! #omhg handmadesuccess
Miss our chat? Never fear! We are visiting today from 1-2EST with Jenelle of TrashN2Tees-check out the details here. 

Want to be part of a great project?!  We really would love to have a separate post featuring a BEFORE & AFTER of the #OMHG spring cleaning project… so, please take lots of photos of your workspaces/biznests before AND after any cleaning/tidying/organizing and we’ll let you know where to submit them when it comes time to doing the post 😉