#OMHG – November 22, 2012: Giving Thanks

Our last #OMHG chat fell right on Thanksgiving for our US friends so we spent some time giving thanks for all our blessings! Then moved onto planning a happy, healthy 2013 + what we are hoping to cultivate for our selves & businesses in the next year.

Question #1: What are you feeling thankful for right now in biz & life?

  • leanimale @ohmyhandmade Well, super thankful for my awesome customers! #omhg
  • MarisaEdghill @ohmyhandmade busy-ness, a gorgeous gorgeous day, a supportive (and cute) hubby! #omhg
  • tif_smith even though i’m not working for myself atm, i’m thankful for a job. now i’ve got some time to figure out the right direction. #omhg
  • @storyofmum: Im feeling thankful for a flexible job that fits round my kids & a hubs who isnt away working for a while 🙂#omhg
  • erinmharris I’m thankful for my tweeps and Twitter chats – I always learn something from you guys! #OMHG
  • thelanguidlion In both, my family & the support of my awesome community! RT@ohmyhandmade: What r u feeling thankful for right now in biz & life? #omhg
  • RocajoStudio I am thankful for the time I get to spend with my kids, my supportive husband, almost a year on Etsy & chocolate of course.#omhg
  • ohmyhandmade I have so many blessings! I am thankful for having this community that supports me & knowing my own value so I can do my best work #omhg

Question #2: What are you wanting 2013 to hold for you?

  • MarisaEdghill @ohmyhandmade In 2013 I’m hoping for new challenges, new places, building my personal vs biz brand. #omhg
  • thelanguidlion More family-time, community, cohesion, projects … and sales! RT @ohmyhandmade: What are you wanting 2013 to hold for you? #omhg
  • erinmharris @ohmyhandmade A job, primarily. And maybe just the whole year going a little smoother than 2012. 🙂 #OMHG
  • RocajoStudio I hope 2013 holds: a dream come true, happy memory making, some decision taking and lots of love (& increased sales wld be nice 2) 🙂 #omhg
  • tif_smith i look forward to an adventurous year, too. it’ll be full of learning, especially balance. new baby, still new job, new direction.#omhg
  • InkandDirt 2013 list, Balance, health, kids who listen, celebrating 10 year wedding anniversary, increasing my skill set and shop offerings.#omhg
  • erinmharris Crafty 2013 goals: start selling my jewelry again, start a blog, and to get some of these ideas out of my head into the world.#OMHG
  • storyofmum My ambitions for 2013: At the moment stuck on ‘get through it’, so thinking I may need to work on my attitude, life-plan & me-time… #omhg

Question #3: How do you plan for happiness & health? Do you use a paper list/planner, apps, string around your finger? 

  • leanimale@ohmyhandmade More than plan I try to be in tune with my body &instinct. Is my body telling me to rest?Is my gut telling me to say no? #omhg
  • RocajoStudio Happiness just happens. Health issues I try not to worry about too much. RT @ohmyhandmade: How do you plan for happiness & health? #omhg
  • tif_smith i think one of my big goals for this year is to stop comparing and start being myself. it’s become a burden that needs to be shed.#omhg
  • storyofmum@ohmyhandmade Been mainly doing loads of crafting with the kids & getting lost in the joy of that, no cake required (unusually!) 🙂#omhg
  • leanimale@ohmyhandmade I’ve journaled since I was young too! Not always consistently, but I love it.I guess that’s one way that I stay focused. #omhg
  • erinmharris Not a goal, but I did a themed Photo 365 project last year, and am working on another. It was a fun way to be more aware, and create. #OMHG
  • erinmharris@ohmyhandmade@storyofmum I have a system of giving myself star stickers on a big wall calendar. It’s totally 2nd grade but I love it. #OMHG

** good, old-fashioned pen & paper was the clear choice for most everyone & stickers on a wall planner was a HUGE hit! 

erinmharris summed up the question the best, I think…

“Give me chocolate, wine, stickers, and colored pens/markers, and I’m happy. 🙂#OMHG

And Jess summed up the entire chat the best…

“I’m celebrating the launch of our 2013 Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Planner & planning the year with you! http://t.co/AIlvYBi9 #omhg

You can also read the full chat transcript right here.

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Missed our chat?  Share what you’re thankful for in the comments!


  1. I was with you all in spirit on Thanksgiving and am so grateful for the friendship here.

    I am very grateful for the people who buy my art and live with a piece of my creative spirit in their home…and especially for my family who encourages me everyday in my creative business.

  2. Judy says:

    I’m bubbling with thankfulness for so much…biz wise I am especially thankful for the kindness of this community in what they share to encourage and help newbies like me learn their way around internet selling. It’s a lot! Thank u to all of you. I hope 2013 holds many happy surprises that allow me to pay it forward more and more. I plan for happiness and health with a purposed heart and a home made magnet I put on my frig with encouraging goals.

  3. Geri says:

    Colleen, thanks so much for sharing here! We’re grateful for your spirit, beautiful artwork & way with words!

    Judy, that’s so nice to hear! Being a relative newbie, myself (only been at this a year) and having found this awesome community fairly quickly, I can understand completely where you’re coming from! If you have any specific questions, please do let Jess know as she’s always willing to help us out 😉 I hope we continue to help you with your fantastic new journey!

    Joy, we know you’re always there 😉 I’m especially thankful for you, your wonderful designs and for paving my way here!

    • Jessika says:

      Oh I love this! I am grateful for each of you in different ways, but above all for helping create this community. There is no such thing as a community of one! I especially love seeing you responding to the comments here Geri-one big happy family we are:)

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