#OMHG – November 8, 2012: Your #OMHG Community Wish List

#OMHG November 8 2012, Community Wish List

We are planning an amazing new website and online community for OMHG (how completely awesome is that?!) and at this week’s chat we brainstormed ideas and shared wishes for the creative community of our dreams!

ohmyhandmade Today we are chatting about our new site & community (AND a member community and forum space for #omhg connection & inspiration at any time + a Oh My! Marketplace of services & supplies) http://t.co/ILY0Oece time for you to share your wishlist! #omhg

Question #1: Let’s start with the forums – what would you like to see?

  • TrashN2Tees I’m giddy just thinking about the awesome new ways to connect within the community & grow AND I would love a source/review forum#omhg
  • nisseworks @ohmyhandmade Lots of knowledge-sharing. And sympathetic ears when we need them. #omhg
  • designcoyote I’d love to see different expertise areas on the forum, where folks can go to share & learn. DIY, illos, branding, biz-related, etc. #OMHG
  • thepetitcadeau A forum area for people looking to collaborate? #omhg
  • ThreeBySea Forums- biz advice, book club, feedback, amusing stuff, tutorials (craft, web design, art, etc) #omhg
  • elizatobin Hi all! how about a forum where people could post helpful creative biz related tutorials they find or create themselves? #omhg

A membership fee for a private community forum was addressed & the general consensus was that a low monthly fee ($5-10) with an annual option was the most popular choice!  

As far as the private areas being ad & sponsorship-free, we had slightly mixed views, with the consensus leaning more towards tasteful, relevant & unobtrusive ads being ok.

Question #2: What would you want a private area to look like since we are all so visual here?
  • IAMTHELAB @ohmyhandmade #omhg I love it when forums show whose online. Maybe a chat feature?
  • ThreeBySea I do remember though the other forum had a few monthly call-ins as well, led by the 2 founders on biz topics & general questions #Omhg
  • storyofmum @ThreeBySea yes the one I pay for has a monthly theme and weekly newsletter/suggested activity (bit like #omhg already) adds podcasts/images
  • ohmyhandmade Loved the tweet about a community board-totally references the community centre idea, the first place I always look! #omhg
  • aeolidia @KatMcBrideArt Things are so fleeting on FB; it would be nice to have things saved to be referenced over and over. #omhg
Question #3: What type of online class delivery do you prefer, downloads/chats/private classes?
  • IAMTHELAB @ohmyhandmade #omhg a class about building blogs and social media presence would be great.
  • KatMcBrideArt @ohmyhandmade This is a great question; I like e-book + one live class demo + forum for feedback. #omhg
  • UnurthWonder @ohmyhandmade all of the above?? haha. Depending on the class. Some may need to be collaboration and feedback, ie critiques #omhg
  • RocajoStudio @ohmyhandmade Self-paced video instructed classes would be nice (will depend on the subject of course) #omhg
  • TrashN2TeesOne of my favorite ideas! RT @ohmyhandmade: Im hoping to be able to have other teachers/contributors offer classes just like a #omhg
    storyofmum@ohmyhandmade live video/audio chats can be great because they can be more responsive, recorded and shared again after #omhg
  • ColleenAttara @ohmyhandmade I like classes I can do on my own time. And I love learning things I pay others to do. Like graphics & some photoshop. #omhg
  • sarahjanesroom Agreed. RT @ThreeBySea: depends on the topic…art/craft stuff could be download, but prefer biz/web stuff live chat of some kind #omhg
  • ThreeBySea Ooo…new forum topic- bartering goods & services…like for crafty folks needing graphics work, etc. #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade I also want new teachers/ppl offering new programs to gain confidence delivering classes by starting on OMHG & building from there #omhg
Question #4: What kind of class categories are you most interested in>making for your biz (like our diy packaging theme), blogging, accounting etc.
  • nisseworks @ohmyhandmade Blogging, marketing & social media. Definitely. #omhg
  • designcoyote @ohmyhandmade Printing, DIY crafts, Branding, Accounting/Anything Money Related. #omhg
  • IAMTHELAB @UnurthWonder @ohmyhandmade #omhg A class about starting over as a handmaker or for those who are changing careers would be great.
  • RocajoStudio @ohmyhandmade. I’d personally love a class on typography (since I’m self-taught) and anything that has to do with branding #omhg
  • manusmade Blogging, marketing, and self-care for creatives RT @ohmyhandmade: What kind of class categories are you most interested in #omhg
  • KatMcBrideArt @ohmyhandmade Craft Art Design, Theory, Branding Social Media Marketing, separate holiday themes? #omhg
  • storyofmum @ohmyhandmade Would love smily biogs of members with ‘strengths to share’ ‘skills to learn’, ‘Now I need…’ to search 4 collaborators #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade I really want to see more discussion of business financials-they are like a big secret, why? Doesn’t serve anyone & I get so many ?s #omhg

And, of course we will be having live dance-offs & mojito parties… with cupcakes!

Do you have any other thoughts, ideas or wishes for the #OMHG Community? Please let us know!

You can also read the full chat transcript right here.

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    • Jessika says:

      Hi Rachel! I am hoping to start with a few classes by myself & contributors and once we’ve nailed the format to open it up to new teachers. I will definitely be posting more info and opportunities as we go along!

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