#OMHG – October 25, 2012: DIY Web Design

For today’s #OMHG chat we talked all about DIY’ing our own way to website awesome, we had a bunch of web designers on hand to help answer our questions + share their knowledge. While our lovely transcriptionist Geri is away on vacation I thought I would try a new way of rounding up our highlights-did you know that if you paste the link from a Tweet into a WordPress post (in the html editor*) this awesomeness happens?!*Actually this ended up being WAY more complicated then it should have been & I am feeling very grateful for Geri!


Question #1:

There was a little discussion about the benefits of selling on a platform like Etsy, using a hosted software like Big Cartel or having your own ecommerce shop. Also check out the post by Aeoldia from back in the day on choosing your shop software.

Question #2:

Question #3:


Bonus Round:
We veered off of DIY web design and into how to get support from a designer or trade/barter services if you are having a hard time doing it all yourself.

Well that is it for our month of DIY Branding chats I hope this new transcript format helps encourage you connect with the ultra smart #OMHG gang and we see you next Thursday when we’ll be kicking off our Holiday Survival theme!

Please note that we’ve been having trouble with Curatede for our full transcripts as they are moving their servers, so we don’t have a link to the full transcript. 

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