#OMHG – September 6: Lessons We Learned this Summer

Vintage Chalkboard by Scottie in a Canoe on Etsy 

A lot of us took time off this summer to reconnect and rethink, so we started off our first weekly #omhg chat in over THREE weeks by checking in on what we learned during our August break… and boy, have we all been busy!

Jess got the party started by asking what we learned on our summer vacations, and here is a smattering of replies:

  • @ohmyhandmade I learned to unplug more often and enjoy life, take days off – I have never felt so creative. #omhg. Lu_and_Ed
  • @ohmyhandmade – I learned that it’s important to have downtime to keep the creative love flowing #omhg thepetitcadeau
  • Learned to take it a day at a time, and not fret when I can’t get everything done. <<Fibro diagnosis, both good & bad #omhg kittyscuriosity
  • I continue to learn it is the tiny moments of being present that truly matter. And that I am doing “enough”. #Omhg ColleenAttara
  • I learned that positive thinking & believing in yourself can bring you to places that your originally thought were out of your reach. #omhg designcoyote
  • that slow and steady can win the race – but you have to stay in the race, not drop out. #omhg DJCoolbear
  • I learned some + things and some – I’m not who I used to be and might not be able to do what I used to. Figure who/what can do now #OMHG stephdouglas
  • Oh, and I was reminded of the importance of looking back at what you’ve already achieved, especially on those down days #omhg embergrass
  • Absolutely and willing to fail mt @cupcakes4clara: definitely learnt that to be successful you need to be brave means taking a chance. #omhg TrashN2Tees

We then spent the final half hour simply chatting & sharing like we normally do and as usual, a few inspiring quotes began circulating and sparking great conversations:

  • @designcoyote One of my fav quotes by Alice Walker “Life goes on. The pain of it so sure. The sweetness so mysterious” #omhg PatternedApp
  • My mantra… “We must be willing to LET GO of the life we planned, so as to HAVE the life that is WAITING for us” – Joseph Campbell #omhg thelanguidlion
  • My lesson, to quote Douglas Adams is “don’t panic!” – even when things get slow, they will pick up again! #omhg curiouslt

And I thought I’d leave the post with this tweet from Jess:

… Just today I REALLY learned I can take the time I need & all the people I love (YOU!) will be here to celebrate when I get back #omhg

We’re not going anywhere, am I right OMHGers?!

You can read the full transcript in all its loveliness right here.

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