#OMHG Transcripts January 12 & 19

#omhg twitter chat january

Sorry friends, three weeks of struggling with a mutant antibiotic resistant throat infection left me SO behind on our #omhg transcripts. I am still catching up and healing, so this week we are skipping the highlights part of the post. I’ll be back good as new (hopefully) for our chat next week! Both chats were packed full of insight and strategies, our January 12 #omhg chat focused on our best laid plans and how they rarely go as planned, inspired by my unexpected sickness interfering with all my goals for January. Check out the transcript right here.

This Thursday co-host Lisa Bacon of Moxie Pear joined us to talk about websites and design for creative businesses. She answered lots of great questions and shared a bit about the common things many small business owners might need to make a dynamic impression on customers and media. We also chatted a fair bit about the importance of a press kit. The chat and both Arianne and Lisa’s posts help fuel me to finish up our own media kit and do some housekeeping and updating for Oh My! Handmade (more on this next week when I announce some exciting new projects!). Don’t miss all the useful info we shared, get the whole transcript here.

What is #omhg? We are a community of talented, creative and caring people who visit from 1-2EST every Thursday on Twitter with the hashtag #omhg to chat about our monthly theme on Oh My! Handmade + life, business & everything in between. Empowering, honest, supportive & full of ideas, our chats leave us all feeling ready to take on the world-come join us and make some new friends!