What the OMHG Community Taught Me This Summer

The cure for anything is saltwater; sweat, tears or the sea ~Isak Dinesen, oh my handmade

This summer I learned the most important lessons from the most unexpected and surprising place-the amazing women (and occasional brave man) of the Oh My Handmade community and allowing myself to be a part of the weekly #OMHG chats.

My learning came from people I might never have connected with if it hadn’t been for Jessika taking charge of my twitter account for five minutes one evening as we sat on her porch. “Okay mom, you need to follow…” People like Bernardo of Your Great Life TV and Jenn at Roots of She who have impacted me in different (lovely) ways.

It’s been hearing and listening to the OMHG community that has, in part, given me what I’ve needed to slowly begin crawling out of the darkest, deepest place I have ever been in.

I’ve learned something precious listening to these women who share their joys, delights and excitements as well as frustrations, fears and vulnerabilities as they make their way through their work, families, communities and just through living loudly and openly. Rooting each other on, cheering each other’s successes, and commiserating over things that don’t work out with genuine compassion, caring and humanity has been helping me return to myself.

Not the ME I always thought I knew – mostly fearless, mostly a social justice fighter, mostly a writer and mostly a character writ large.

I’m bringing myself back to who I am now – slightly broken, but putting the pieces back together again one shard at a time. Slightly (okay a lot) more fearful than before but trying to breathe through it. Slightly less sure of my voice, especially my written voice than I ever thought possible, but reading what other people have to say about going through that place and the process when words don’t seem to come and taking baby steps of my own.

The other day, instead of wallowing in doubt and recriminations of the goals and work that I wasn’t accomplishing, I took myself out of the house and down to the beach. I carried Susannah Conway’s book “this I know”, that I am working through because I have an idea for a post on diversity and grieving inspired by this reading.

Instead of settling in on the first part of the beach like I always do, I walked across the bridge. I kept going the whole way to the last beach and beyond. I took my camera with me and didn’t care whether the pictures would make sense or would be good (whatever that means) pictures, I just took the images I wanted to take.

Then I sat out on the beach and wrote this with the strength of me, of you, but most joyously…of us.

stephanie douglas, oh my handmade, overcoming  struggle with community support

What have you been struggling with that the support of a loving community could help you overcome? Who are you thankful for when things are tough? 


  1. What a beautiful post Stephanie! Continuing to venture forward, even when you’re unsure what is ahead. Continue to write even when you think it doesn’t make sense. How can you discover what you’re capable of if you don’t embrace the ‘unknown’? We are here to support you, in every single possible way.

    I am thankful for my boys, my hubby, and my friends and family. For this community, for my inner circle of brilliance- those I turn to when I get off course. In many ways this virtual system of support has been a life line, reminding me to breath.

  2. Beautiful Steph,

    Thank you for being such a giving and beautiful human being. I am grateful you chose to connect with me and want you to know your kind and generous presence is a light in my life.
    Love you and Jessica a lot.

  3. Tracey says:

    Such a beautiful post. You’re an inspiration Stephanie. Thank you for opening your heart and letting this pour out. There’s such strength in the OMHG community…I think it’s just amazing that the space created by your daughter is actually the space that’s soothed your soul. Sending you love and light.

  4. Janelle thank you – for your words and your support. I agree, that this very unique virtual community does help to step back, breath and know that there are other people going through similar things who share the best of what they’ve learned through the process.

  5. Bernardo – I thank Jessika for saying to me, “oh mom, this is someone you absolutely have to follow.” Your joy in what you do, as well as the thoughtful, intelligent balance that you bring to what you say and who you interview has been an amazingly positive force in my life these last few months. And so it goes around. Thank you.

  6. Tracey thank you for your “love and light” and thank you for your words of encouragement and support. There is an amazing amount of strength in this community and it continually surprises me when I connect with someone who is going through a similar process/place as I am. Jessika has created a space where it’s everyone’s magic that is shining through for each other.

  7. So happy to know you Stephanie. This community provides a cushion for me when I am too hard on myself at times. It is gentle and wise and I am grateful for it.

    I so love that quote..never heard it before…xo

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