Aeolidia is Hiring: Calling All Talented, Organized, Enthusiastic Creatives!

We have a wonderful job opportunity afoot, and what better community than Oh My! to reach out to? It would be a dream to work with a knowledgeable, creative, and friendly OMHG denizen! Jessika agreed that there were certainly some folks with the skill set we’re looking for here, and I’m thankful to her for helping us spread the word.

Aeolidia is hiring!
illustration by Lauren Hardage

We are looking for a Web Project Coordinator

Aeolidia is a graphic design studio focused on working with creative small businesses, artists, and crafters. We are a strong starting point for creative entrepreneurs; we provide website design and development, assist with content, photography, and marketing for our clients’ sites. At Aeolidia, we offer exceptional customer service while creating all aspects of a web presence for our clients.

The Aeolidia studio is made up of carefully handpicked, resourceful designers and developers who work together and communicate as a team. We are currently seeking a Web Project Coordinator to assist the creative team and to act as the central client-facing liaison throughout each project.

Are you the one?

Do you think you might be right for this job? When dreaming about the perfect person for this position, I made myself the following list of questions. They really helped me to focus and figure things out! Does this sound like you?

  1. Are you known among your friends and family as “the organized one?” Do you have an affection for alphabetizing? An obsession with organization? Find yourself in frenzies of filing? Would you be proud to show off your closet to guests?
  2. Are you a constant learner, seeking out answers to anything that puzzles you? Instantly Googling when you wonder about something? Throwing yourself into research before making a big purchase?
  3. Are you independent and self-directed, not needing much hand-holding or guidance once you’ve learned the ropes of a task? Are you motivated to seek out information on your own when assigned a project?
  4. Are you skilled at using positive language and your strong interpersonal skills when communicating by email? Do you stay patient and calm when things get hectic?
  5. Are you interested in people’s stories? Do you read blogs about creative businesses? Love to hear how artists were inspired to create what they do? Want to share in the excitement of launching brand new businesses or helping established businesses take off?
  6. Have you either a) run your own website or blog b) worked on someone else’s website or c) are you eager to learn the admin tool for a few software programs? Have you used WordPress before? Know a bit of HTML and CSS? Worked in Photoshop?
  7. Do you have experience working with teams and/or clients? Are you a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, with some skill and experience in many different areas? Are you excited about having a job with a variety of responsibilities which can evolve with you?

Learn more and apply

Is this all sounding great? Great! Please learn more about the job and how to apply by clicking below:

Aeolidia job listing - project coordinatorWeb Project Coordinator job listing


  1. Michelle P. Grewal says:

    Hi! I would love to apply for this position – it sounds wonderful! Please let me know the link to apply, I believe the link above isn’t working at present! Thank you! -Michelle

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