DIY Design: A Month of Brand Building on OMHG

October on OMHG: DIY Design


Happy October friends! Our Creative Communities theme made September fly by in a joyful blur of gathering, friendship, and connection-if you missed all the wonderful contributions be sure to check them out here. A new month means it is time for a new theme on OMHG, for October we are revisiting our popular DIY Branding theme with a month packed full of posts to help us all build a brand we love. From tweaking your Facebook page, updating your blog’s style and taking great pictures to fundamentals of graphic design we’ll be sharing our experiences, skills, and insight with you. We’ll also be packing in the tutorials, printables and practical tools along with case studies and examples of beautiful DIY brands and packaging.

Whether you’ve struggled with figuring out brand design as you go along or you’ve learned a few tricks along the way we hope you’ll join us!

Pop into the comments to let us know:  

  • Some of your biggest branding struggles-what parts of branding are confusing or frustrating you?
  • Your DIY branding inspirations-who  is rocking their brilliant branding & deserves to be featured this month?
  • Have some favourite DIY design resources? Let us in on the secret!
  • What would you like to see covered on OMHG this month-we’ll do our best to hook you up!


We are extending our October deadline and accepting submissions until October 10th or all calendar spaces are filled! So if you have an amazing DIY branding project, tutorial or printable, can teach your mad design skills & make it easier for newbies, want to share your beautiful branding or creative packaging with us, or feature/interview your favourite DIY branding inspirations- click right here to read our submission guidelines and submit your goodness.

Cheers to brand building, knowledge sharing & DIY design!



  1. Heather Cash says:

    I get frustrated when I don’t recognize someone’s work because their branding is inconsistent! Font, color scheme, and overall graphic design are so important in branding. If you have great branding, then people will recognize your work at different venues and sites, and you’ll imprint yourself in their brain from repetition. That’s why I think branding is so important!

  2. Chelsea Ward says:

    So exciting! I try to do all my own branding but I struggle with building logos and such, I only have Gimp and most tutorials I find are for photo shop. I also struggle with html tweaks too (Sarah at has some great tutorials tho!) Heather has a great point too, cohesiveness is so important, but can be so difficult to achieve.

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