Call for Submissions: It’s A Banner Day Project

Call for Artists, It's a Banner Day, Patti Murphy

“It’s A Banner Day” is an exhibition hosted by Hygienic resident artist, Patti Murphy, and local artist, Kat Murphy. The exhibition will open on June 1st, 2013 and will be on view until June 29th at the Hygienic Art Galleries in New London, CT. In addition to Patti and Kat’s exhibits—which will explore symbols and color in graphic art and painting—designers, photographers, and artists from all over the world are invited to participate in this exhibit. Patti and Kat ask that each banner carry the theme of “It’s a Banner Day,” and represent an artful message of hope, good news, happiness, and/or success.

Drawing on the cultural aspect of the Hygienic Art Galleries’ mission statement, Patti and Kat’s motivation for this exhibit came from an idea they had to cover the gallery with banners displaying different messages and art. From this, they decided to invite other artists to be part of the exhibit—making it a fun and collective experience. The “It’s A Banner Day” exhibit title was inspired by burgees, the exchange of burgees, and the International Code of Symbols. As mentioned above, Patti and Kat’s artwork is centered on the idea of communicating with symbols and colors, so it only seems appropriate that they further communicate this by incorporating as many designs and messages from others as possible.

Each artist’s work will be strung together with other artists’ work to create a unified, collective effect. The deadline for artists to submit any original work is May 24th, 2013, so please start creating, and do spread the word—especially since this exhibit is intended to represent as many artists and cultures as possible. Final banner designs should be printed on paper or fabric and should follow the template provided on the “It’s a Banner Day” website. Final designs can be dropped off or mailed to:

Hygienic Art Galleries  ATTN: Patti Murphy 79 Bank St. New London, CT 06320

Other delivery options, as well as more information on submission guidelines, can be found on the “It’s a Banner Day” website.

For artists who cannot make it to the gallery showing, but would like to see their work displayed with the other banner designs, Patti and Kat will be posting panoramic photos and video of the gallery to the website.  Also, each banner will have a permanent place on the website, and will feature a link to each artist’s desired page or profile. All banners will be for sale and 100% of the proceeds will go to Hygienic Art Galleries to benefit future projects.

Hygienic Art Galleries is a fine arts venue and non-profit organization that focuses on improving cultural experiences and economic development. To achieve this, Hygienic Art represents a diverse community of artists and welcomes new, emerging, and established artists to display their work. The gallery also hosts performances, educational presentations, and private events. Recognized as the center of the fine arts community in New London, Hygienic Art is home to many artists, with its residential artists’ studios and public art gallery.

Call for Artists, It's a Banner Day, Patti Murphy

Editor’s note: Connect with Patti & Kat +  artists around the world by visiting their event page on Facebook! Let us know what you think about this awesome creative project and if you are going to join the fun by leaving a comment below-this is a great fun marketing opportunity for you to show off your skills, have fun & make new friends! 


  1. Patti Murphy says:

    Thanks so much for sharing with your community. We have a great response from your readers and some really creative banners!! XO

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