DIY Product Packaging: The Petit Cadeau

Petit Cadeau DIY Product Packaging, Handmade business packaging

Why do customers buy handmade products online, from someone they have likely never met in person?

For me, as a customer, it’s partly about supporting someone’s life and dreams, partly about the quality that handmade has to offer, and partly about the experience.

There’s anticipation.  I like to call it the “snail mail factor”.  The wait. Checking the mailbox.  The little moment of glee when you find a box or package, waiting for you. The unveiling of the box contents.

Let’s pause here.

Packaging is important. It says something about you, and your business. Opening a box is part of the customer experience.

I have been opening many wonderful online purchases from OMHG community members lately.  Cody from Lu & Ed and Colleen from Colleen Attara Studio  both use recycled and repurposed materials in their product packaging, which fits perfectly with their business concept and branding.  Cody also includes “swag bags” with product samples and coupons with each of her purchases (if you missed her post, you can read about it here) Colleen wrote an inspiring message on the outside of the envelope when she mailed my parcel.  The day it arrived, I was having a horrible day – I opened the mailbox and found this sentiment, “begin each day shining so brightly”– how can that NOT make the world a better place, one small moment at a time?

Petit Cadeau DIY Product Packaging, Colleen Attara

Geri, from The Languid Lion and I collaborated earlier this year on my branding (you can read our story here).  Geri packaged my custom branding materials in the most delightful way for mailing, each item was wrapped individually in white bags and twine, nestled into brown crinkle paper (which I’ve been reusing for gift wrap).  Professional, simple, yet very thoughtful at the same time.

I used my new branding materials as a jumping off point to plan my intended customer experience.  I wanted each purchase from my shop to feel like a gift (in my mind, this only makes sense, my blog and my business, are both based on “thoughtful gifting”.)

Petit Cadeau DIY Product Packaging, Handmade business packaging

I spent a lot of time thinking about product packaging for my new online shop.  Not only did I want the materials to reflect my brand – quality, heirloom, handmade, attention to detail, but I also wanted to source as many materials as I could from either a) local businesses or b) other small business suppliers.

Originally I had planned to package my products in sturdy cardboard boxes, but in the end, I opted for mailing envelopes to keep shipping weight and size to a minimum.

Each handmade countdown calendar set is wrapped neatly in white tissue paper, and sealed with a variation of red washi tape (red polka dots right now) to reflect the pops of red in my branding. I use vintage lace/ribbon to tie the package, and include a kraft paper product tag* on the outside.

Petit Cadeau DIY Product Packaging, Handmade business packaging

A polka dot kraft paper bag holds my hand-written thank you card*, business card*, and the small items (clothespins) that are included with each countdown calendar purchase.  It gets tucked under the vintage lace on the outside of the package, along with a short product description and product care instructions. I’m experimenting with hand-lettering each mailing address in big, bold letters.  I’m not perfect (by a long shot!) but it really makes the outside look fun and personalized.

People notice when their package arrives with care and thought.  Have you seen any great packaging from a handmade business lately?  Are you proud of your own product packaging? Share the details here in the comments, or pop over to the OMHG forums and we’ll share our photos and ideas.

*All branding items created by The Languid Lion 


Say Hello to Alison

Alison Butler is a part-time creative, a wife, and mother with a passion for thoughtful gifting.  She blogs weekly inspiration at and recently launched The Petit Cadeau shop, filled with handmade, hand embroidered celebration countdown calendars and other lovely goods for thoughtful celebrations.

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  1. Natalie says:

    This is a great post. I have been thinking about packaging in our retail shop and how to package gifts that customers buy and I have gone through so many options and none seem to fit. I love her blog, it has some great ideas to incorporate into my business and personal life!

    • Alison @ The Petit Cadeau Blog says:

      Natalie – that’s so wonderful – glad I could provide some inspiration (I also went through MANY revisions/ideas) before ending up here!

  2. Darice says:

    May I just profess my love for simple packaging right now? I love tissue paper as wrapping paper…and the string? Be still my heart. It speaks to a simpler way of life + reminds me of my grandma. That said, I’d never turn down rainbow polka dot paper with striped ribbon + confetti. 😉 You’re so right – presentation makes the purchase (+ therefor the brand) that much more memorable. Fabulous ideas, Alison! <3

  3. Geri says:

    Such great ideas, Alison and your new shop is simply lovely! I especially love the way you’ve incorporated additional handmade items such as the red dots washi tape, coordinating dots bags & gorgeous tactile ribbon to compliment your printed brand items… clever, simple and so very effective. Well done!

  4. Tania Wojciechowski says:

    Gorgeous! I love how much thought and care you give to not only your packages, but to your customers who will be opening them, and the joy that this will bring them. xo

  5. Citlalli says:

    Your packaging is gorgeous, Alison! I love the soft + subtle colors….it looks fresh!
    I always get giddy when I open a package and see a thoughtful + pretty packaging. I’m all about handwritten notes, too!
    I use recycled + biodegradable materials for my packaging. Hand-stamped tissue paper. string, plus a little bio card with a handwritten note. I’m looking into revising it a bit, just not sure how yet.

  6. Anne says:

    Alison, you’ve done a wonderful job in creating a thoughtful and memorable experience for your customers. Thank you for sharing! (And I love the little clothespins. Darling!)

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