Get S#!T done in 2013! Reduce Overwhelm + Increase Profits

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I love the beginning of a New Year because it’s such a pivotal time to create everything you desire for the upcoming year! As a yoga teacher, I’m not too fond of  the term “resolution.” Maybe because there is a negative connotation attached (read: “I want to lose weight” instead of “I want to be healthier”). The term “intention” is much more appealing and the energy surrounding it fosters creativity and growth (read: “I intend to create more abundance in my bank account” over “I resolve to save money”).

Ok so it’s true, you might feel a little beat up after the holiday season. I know I’m always a little overwhelmed right after the New Year starts for many reasons. As a jewelry designer, I’ve spent the last several weeks cranking out custom jewelry designs for my clients. As a yoga teacher, I am spending time helping my clients create intentions and release the year that is past. As a mentor, I am working with jewelry designers to create accountability so that they can achieve their New Year’s goals.

In terms of energy, the New Year offers an amazing time for a fresh start and a “new-ness” in all areas of our lives. We can create whatever it is that we want for this year STARTING NOW.

Last year was one of my most successful years to date with my Jewelry Business. I wanted to share with you a few tips that I use to create success in my business and to stay calm in the center of NYC. It seems counterintuitive, but the highest level of creativity can actually come out of letting go of feeling overwhelmed so you can focus on what you needs your attention, rather than fumbling around in the dark.

#1 Clearly Define

The most important part of the process is to CLEARLY DEFINE what it is that you want. You can call it a goal, intention, resolution – it doesn’t really matter what the language is. The important part is that you have a clear understanding of what it is that you want.

For example, consider these two goals.

“I want to increase my sales in 2013”  vs. “ I want to increase my sales by $2,000 a month in 2013.

Which one seems more concrete and attainable? You’re right if you said “I want to increase my sales by $2,000 a month in 2013.”

Here is the reason why: the universe (and your vibration) responds to specific requests. When you are clear, you take all of the muddle out of it, resulting in better results and the ability to be more creative with your time and energy.

#2 Plan

Now that you are clear on your intention, the next step is to plan. In order to increase your sales by $2000, you need to develop a concrete plan. Take a look at your options, make up the difference, and increase your sales figures.

Maybe it’s contacting 10 more direct sale clients or two retail clients a week. Sometimes you can even break it into mini goals. You might realize that all you really need to do is sell a pair of earrings and a necklace extra per day. The idea is that you are creating a strategy to break down your goal into smaller parts to make it happen.

#3 Take Action

Here is the most important part of the process, you need to take inspired action behind each of your goals. Intentions and goals are not achieved just by imagining them and mustering them up. You need to do something about it.

We keep going back to this great post written by Robin about scheduling time. Blocking out time to take action will ensure that you actually do it. It’s the same as making a doctors appointment. When it’s on the calendar, you’ll go. The only difference is that you are making an appointment with yourself to work towards your goal. You are just as important as that doctor visit.

And once you schedule it into your calendar, fill up that time with actions to make the intention a reality. Even if people are saying no, as Journey says “Don’t Stop Believing” and keep at it until you make it happen.

#4 Track

Without tracking, it’s really hard to know and understand where you stand and the level of your success. Tracking also allows you to adjust when your numbers or off. For instance, if you are a bit behind, you will know and you can spend extra time making your numbers. If you are ahead you can adjust your number and increase your goal!

The easiest way to track is to keep some sort of spreadsheet or system where you can stay accountable.

#5 Breathe

What do you do when you are overwhelmed? If I had to guess, I would say that you stop breathing! The most important thing to do in a yoga practice is to breathe. It’s funny how we forget to breathe when we are overwhelmed and stressed out. Have you noticed what smoker’s do when they are stressed out? They go light one up. Well, even though smoking is a nasty habit, it’s quality of inhaling and exhaling has the same calming effect as a yogic pranayama practice.

So I have a simple yoga trick that can be adapted as a business trick. I thought it would be easier to show you in a video, so take a look:

Just to recap:

  • Clearly Define
  • Plan
  • Take Action
  • Breathe

So how do you feel?

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! In the comments below tell us the following:

  1. How did the breathing practice work for you?
  2. Tell us your TOP 3 business intentions for 2013!


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