How I began to learn about design (& how you can too!)

How I began to learn about design (& how you can too!)A couple of years ago, I was considering going back to school to get a degree in Graphic Design. I was seeing all of these cool designs out there in the world and I said to myself, “I want to do that!”

However, I’d just finished a master’s degree program studying yoga and creativity and it wasn’t really a practical option for me to go back to school again. So I started scouring the web for courses that I could take to learn more about design.

That’s when I became a bit of e-course junkie.

I began taking courses left and right and learned so many of the things that before left me in that mystified, “How did they do that?” state.

If you too are interested in learning more about design, I highly recommend any of the following courses:

Design Basics + Tools

Web Design + Blogging


Surface Pattern Design

How I began to learn about design (& how you can too!), Eliza TobinExamples of work I did for some of these courses: 1. Website Mock-up (Your Darling Blog Coursework) | 2. Repeat Pattern Collection (ABSPD Coursework) | 3. Motif Sketches (ABSPD Coursework)

There is still so much more I want to learn and the idea of going back to graphic design school is still rolling around in the back of my brain somewhere, but these wonderful courses have got me started. And my desire to learn more hasn’t ended there!

Next up on my design e-course wish list:

How about you, have you taken any of these courses or any other courses to learn more about design?

How I began to learn about design (& how you can too!), Eliza TobinMeet Eliza 

Artist Eliza Lynn Tobin wants to live in a world where a full bloom, creative life is something worth cultivating. When she’s not drawing botanicals or creating yoga poem paintings, you can find her reading fantasy books, adventuring in Idaho or getting her down dog on with a cup of tulsi tea.



    • Nicoletta says:

      I have the same problem! I have a huge list of courses but during the week I can’t even thinking about taking a class and in the weekend a prefer spend time with my family. Courses required perseverance and time.

  1. anastasiaC says:

    this is great – thanks for all the links! Ive been thinking of going to college to do Graphic Design but maybe e-courses are the way to go?!

  2. Angie Sandy says:

    You will love the Design Garden class!! I took it last spring along with just about everything on Nicole’s Classes. I am currently taking Make Art That Sells from Lilla Rogers and think it might be the best one I’ve ever done. Happy learning to everyone 🙂

  3. Elisa says:

    thanks for the info you have shared with us!!!
    It´s my dream to learn graphic design, but I can´t go to college right now, newborn and need to work 🙁
    I´ll try some of the courses when I get the time
    thanks again

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